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Named the best parts of Kiev for rent

Названы лучшие районы Киева для аренды жильяThe cheapest apartments – in the Desna area.

Of the housing it is best to take care of until the beginning of August, when prices rise for real estate. Photo: Daniel Pavlov
Of the housing it is best to take care of until the beginning of August, when prices rise for real estate. Photo: Daniel Pavlov
Early summer is a traditional lull in the rental market. But at the end of July and in August when students begin to gather to study and look for housing, find a good apartment at a reasonable price is getting harder. In Kiev concentrated many large and prestigious universities, so every year come to the capital tens of thousands of students from other cities. Reporters figured out in which area of Kiev it is better to look for an apartment where housing is cheaper and where you will have to pay a decent amount.

To search for accommodation it is best to early August

The cost of housing in Ukraine and, in particular, in Kyiv remains high. Recently we wrote about the fact that, according to the results of the index Numbeo, the average price for rent of housing in our country close to the city centre is much higher than the salary. On average Ukrainians receive 262,3 dollar, but the cost of rent odnushki, according to research, is $ 317. Of course, we are talking about major cities such as Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, etc.

Until the end of July, the real estate market will be a lull, so the tenancy is best to think right now, when you can find good options at normal prices. Indeed, in August, prices for rental apartments traditionally increase.

“The most notable period of raising prices is Aug. If possible, it is best to seek accommodation in June-July. It’s just that many of the lease for a year and it often happens that in addition to seasonality, August-September processing and the time of expiry of the lease”, – said in comments “Today,” Edward brazas, Chairman of the Committee of information technology Association of realtors of Ukraine.

The most convenient, but expensive, called Goloseevskiy district

If we are talking about non-resident students who will seek housing, they are unlikely to start from the convenience of an area, because trying to live closer to his school.

Many universities in Kiev is located in Podol district, but due to its high cost of housing there to remove can not afford, therefore, most students choose to live cheaper and nearby Svyatoshinskiy district.

“Students are the most popular areas close to their schools. Because the cheapest apartments is definitely the most remote areas. Troeshchyna, Borschagovka, old Darnitsa – such areas that are distant from the subway,” – said Edward brazas adds that students are trying to find options closer to their universities, despite the fact that it is more expensive than life in remote areas of the capital.

The realtor also says that a very popular area now is Holosievo, and Akademgorodok, Svyatoshyn. There are distant metro station, but the neighborhoods are quite comfortable, with good infrastructure, so prices are higher there than on the outskirts of the city with poor transport interchanges.

By the way, Goloseevskiy district is considered one of the most expensive to live. This rating is to be expected in the lead caves area, where one room in the apartment will have to pay about 3 thousand UAH, one-bedroom apartment will cost about 6 thousand UAH, and two– bedroom will cost about 15 thousand UAH.

In the Goloseevsky district, the situation is slightly better, but to make it a house too expensive. Odnushka will cost even more than in the elite Pechersk – 7 thousand UAH, two rooms – 12 thousand UAH, and a three-pointer 15 thousand UAH.

“The most expensive regions were the Goloseevsky and caves. And although this is the traditional status of the Pechersk district, the price of a Studio apartment there for the year fell 31%. Three-pointers also lost 11% of its price. One bedroom, on the contrary, rose in value by 17%,” – say the analysts of the portal OLX.

Not far behind, and SHEVCHENKIVS’kyi district, there is room 2750 UAH, small – about 6 thousand, and two – – 10 thousand UAH. These prices are here because of the convenient location of the area and excellent infrastructure. There are many metro stations and the area itself is called one of the greenest and most comfortable. However Shevchenko still suffers from constant traffic jams, especially in the area of victory square and the Avenue of the same name.

Then the price goes Darnitskiy district, despite the fact that it is located on the left Bank, where housing is significantly cheaper. One-bedroom apartment here costs 7 thousand UAH, two – room- 10 thousand UAH, and two – bedroom- a little more than 13 thousand UAH.

Названы лучшие районы Киева для аренды жилья

The leader of the cheapest is the Desna district

Solomenskiy district is now the most densely populated in Kiev, though its area is quite small. But here houses eight major universities, such as KPI, NAU, national Academy of internal Affairs, etc. because Of this, a lot of students, but experts note that the great popularity he enjoys, and call it comfortable for living quite difficult.

“Less popular areas are street and Minsk array, Nivki old housing, but the area is more or less normal,” says Brazas.

In Solomenskiy area you can rent an apartment for 7 thousand, whereas in the neighboring svjatoshynskyi – the average price is about 6 thousand UAH. It is important to remember that Svyatoshinsky district – a suburb of the city, which many visitors from nearby communities stay in the area.

Studio apartment in Obolon district will cost about 6 thousand UAH, two – room- about 9 thousand UAH. These prices due to the fact that the area is a fairly young housing stock, unlike the rest of Kiev.

Podil’s’kyi district called the heart of Kiev, but to find housing quite a problem. The fact that the proposals in this part of the capital not so much as in other areas. The average price for odnushku almost 7 thousand UAH, and two-bedroom will cost 8 thousand UAH.

However, analysts OLX noted that low-cost kopeck piece, you can find it in Podolsk and Svyatoshinsky areas, where the cost per month on average will be about 7500 UAH. But the bulk of the houses of the Podolsk district were built more than a hundred years ago, so there are still some problems with the old housing stock.

The left Bank of Kiev is traditionally cheaper to live. For example, prices in the area range from 6 to 8 thousand for one– and two-bedroom apartments. Here it is not possible to withdraw an average of 2700 per month.

The cheapest is the Desna district. Due to the lack of metro here rental prices are much lower than in other parts of the capital. The room will cost about UAH 2500, small – 5500 UAH, and a one-bedroom apartment can rent for 7 thousand UAH. By the way, far left, and the price of rent, here are the options you can find in the area of 8 thousand UAH.

“For those who are looking for the most budget options, suitable Desnyanskiy district. This is where you can find accommodation in any area at the very best price,” – said in OLX.

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