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Named the best lesser-known tourist “pearls” of Asia

Названы лучшие малоизвестные туристические "жемчужины" АзииThese places have not yet chosen the annoying tourists.

The Imperial capital of hue, the island of con Dao national Park and Phong Nha is named best little-known attractions of Vietnam on the version of TheTravel. About it writes portal Asia-Vietnam.

Experts of the canadian edition of The Travel decided to find alternatives to the usual Asian sites and have made the top 20 hidden tourist gems in Asia. Three of them are located in Vietnam. Among them – the object of UNESCO world heritage national Park Phong Nha. Here, travelers can see the world’s largest cave complexes, by the way, opened recently, as well as a beautiful underground river and the oldest karst mountains in Asia.

Another little-known attraction of Vietnam – the Imperial capital of hue. This ancient city was the capital of the country from 1802 to 1945, and then was completely deprived of attention of tourists. To hue the easiest way to get on the plane from Hanoi. Special attention to tourists needs to draw on the historical ruins of the city and River Spirits. Closes the three unknown gems of Vietnam Dao island. This piece of tropical Paradise completely isolated from the world and looks not earthly, otherworldly. But it was not always so. During the French colonization, this place was used as a prison.

Thus, the first half of the day at con Dao is worth spending for a holiday in one of the deserted beaches, swimming in clean sea, a tasting of cocktails and walks in the jungle, and in the remaining time to explore the prison of the colonial era and into the world where he lived his short-lived days of former prisoners.

Among other little-known attractions of Asia refers to the Indian ancient city of Kashmir, in the mountains on the border with Pakistan and China, Jiuzhaigou nature reserve in the West of China, with its colorful lakes, snow-capped peaks, green forests, multilevel waterfalls, lake Iskanderkul in Tajikistan, Karamanski mountains in Cambodia, secluded island of Koh Phayam in Thailand and the town of Sidemen in Bali, the famous local volcano, canyons and rice terraces.

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