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Named the best ingredients for a light dinner

Названы лучшие продукты для легкого ужинаDinner are important meals, like Breakfast.

Especially for those who are accustomed to get up early to catch a lot and work late. The basic rules of healthy dinner simple and clear: first, it does not have to be high in calories (set up in your rest your body will simply have nowhere to put such a boost of energy) and, second, consist mainly of protein and complex carbohydrates, dinner must end 3 hours before bedtime to food not burden the stomach and in the morning you woke up feeling good.

According to these criteria a healthy evening diet we selected for you the most suitable for the perfect dinner products and the best recipes with them.


Vegetables is the ideal product for any time of the day. A mass of fiber that regulates digestion, a storehouse of vitamins, minerals and low calories.

For dinner, choose light vegetable dishes, and as for the recipes — believe me, it is here precisely is where to turn and to unleash the imagination.


Many salads do an excellent job with the responsible role of a full dinner. We KitchenMag, for example, adore to cook in the evenings, classic Greek salad: this is a very simple recipe, which can easily overpower even those who hates to cook, and your body will be infinitely grateful for a light dinner rich in vitamin E, fiber, folic acid and natural antioxidants.

You can prepare the vegetable salad, for example, spring salad with green beans, to focus on home cooking and try the recipe for traditional Italian salad with tomatoes and beets and have finally come up with something completely original, adding other ingredients in addition to vegetables. Examples: low calorie salad with quinoa and asparagus, an unusual combination of chicken, avocado, spinach and strawberries or exquisite and very nutritious salad with chickpeas and eggplant.

Vegetable cutlets

Many vegetable patties is associated exclusively with a vegetarian menu. We encourage you to look at this dish from a different perspective and try to cook it for dinner.

Recipes meatballs not meat there is quite a lot, but I’m sure you’ll want to prepare cool meals such as burgers quinoa with vegetables, tender vegetable patties with green peas and mustard sauce or light chicken zucchini with garlic and parsley.

Vegetables like this are useful for people with problems of the digestive system, metabolic disorders, and just anyone who watches both for their health and figure.

Steamed vegetables

It is hardly necessary to say something separately about this dietary dish like steamed vegetables. It’s all the goodness of vegetables in a pure form. Don’t be afraid to buy frozen vegetables: cold — the best preservative, and quick freezing perfectly preserves all the valuable vitamins and minerals from all vegetables.

The owners of the steamer can easily cook steamed vegetables at least every evening: green beans, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, carrots and many other compounds well-suited for the role of light and healthy dinner. Low-fat yogurt or mint sauce with green peas will be a perfect mix for your vegetables.

Roasted vegetables

For those who are tired to cook steamed vegetables or find this dish too bland, we suggest to diversify your evening diet roasted vegetables. No harm to the figures, rapid saturation and new flavor combinations are just some of the advantages of this dinner.

Simple Brussels sprouts can be cooked with olive oil and garlic and served with fresh cilantro, any veggies can be baked, sprinkled with cheese, white vinegar and black pepper will give the original taste of roasted zucchini.

Lean white meat, fish and seafood

Protein products — ideal for those who are watching their figure: they are quickly absorbed and do not overload the body more calories or bad cholesterol. White meat — record the content of protein, vitamins A, E and b, potassium, calcium and magnesium.


Chicken for dinner can be cooked, fried or baked. You can prepare it as a separate dish, adding as the main spice some fancy sauce, and you can add white meat diet salad: both options are good for a light evening meal.

Stewed chicken goes well with spinach or honey-mustard dressing, and salad lovers have to appreciate a recipe of warm salad with chicken and avocado — it turns out very hearty and delicious.


Turkey meat is recognized as the most diet: it has even fewer calories than chicken, it is easier to digest than chicken meat and is digested faster. Turkey contains almost no cholesterol and saturated fat, rich in calcium, sodium and valuable amino acid tryptophan.

Perfect in every way dinner will be a Turkey roasted with herbs and side dish of broccoli and mushrooms. If you love spices and spicy taste, try to cook a Turkey with a sauce of honey, mustard, paprika and chili pepper.


Fish is an excellent choice for dinner: it is completely digested and absorbed by the body within 2-3 hours. Choose low-fat varieties of fish: they are the most beneficial to our body, strengthening the immune system and nourishing us with vital micronutrients, such as iodine and fluoride.

We suggest to cook for dinner, cod is the fish diet, besides it always turns out delicious, even with Kale in garlic sauce, at least with tomatoes and thyme.


For those who prefer dinner exclusively protein and nothing more, we suggest the evening is the seafood. They are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids such as omega 3), beneficial for the cardiovascular system and fight with bad cholesterol.

Sumptuous recipes for the original dinner: salad with octopus and olives, baked with cheese mussels with lime or fried shrimp with spices.


Liquid food is known to be very easily absorbed by the body, creating sensations of heaviness and rapidly saturating. Your body will thank you for dinner, if you will choose the soup.


Broth — a panacea for the digestive system, no wonder they prescribe as a mandatory dish for everyone who has problems with the stomach or is suffering from a slow metabolism.

The most popular soup of course, chicken. This diet dish is ideal not only for dinner but also for lunch. The main thing — to learn to cook quickly and all the rules.


Vitamin vegetable soup — a dish that must be present in the diet of all who have decided to eat properly. It is perfectly suitable for an evening meal: low calorie, small cooking time and undoubted benefits for the body — what else you need for a perfect dinner?

Our favorites — a bright puree of beets and chickpeas, vegetable soup with ginger, carrot and turmeric and fast diet soup-puree of asparagus.

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