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Named the best indoor plants that clean the air

Названы лучшие комнатные растения, которые очищают воздухPlace at home a few healthy plants

Often open Windows or air conditioning in the summer does not allow you to fully relax from the heavy air in the house. Save the situation can your room friends-plants about which you were not even aware.

Not to be a few times a week wet cleaning and every time you do not ventilate the apartment or home, place on your shelves the next few plants. They will save you from the heat, will take care of your skin and respiratory system, and also saves you from fatigue, sleepiness and irritability.

With the help of aloe Vera you will be able not only to freshen the air in your apartment or house, but to clean it from harmful substances type of formaldehyde, which is able to provide furniture.

This plant exactly is your good friend since childhood because of his love to grow almost every masters and mistresses at home. This plant is able to create favorable conditions for humidity, but also to saturate the air with volatile oils – substances that actively fight bacteria.

Indoor bamboo can become not only an original decoration of your room, but will enrich it more oxygen. It should be installed in the South-Eastern part of the apartment, so it also attracts good luck.

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