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Named the best game of the first prize Steam Awards 2016

Названы лучшие игры первой премии Steam Awards 2016The winners were chosen in 12 different categories.

Valve called the best game by voting on Steam in the first Steam prize Awards. The winners were chosen in 12 different categories, 4 of which were suggested by users of the digital network.

Full list of winners is shown below:

“The villain you just want to hug” — GLaDOS from Portal 2
“The game was cool before received awards” — Euro Truck Simulator 2
“The game is proven” — The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
“Oh, five more minutes” — Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
“That’s yeah, man!” — Grand Theft Auto V
“The game within the game” Grand Theft Auto V
“I’m not crying, just something in my eye” — The Walking Dead
“Best use of animal” — Goat Simulator
“Boom boom” — DOOM
“Love and hate” — Dark Souls III
“Sit back and relax” — Euro Truck Simulator 2
“Better with friends” — Left 4 Dead 2

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Together with the completion of the first prize Awards of Steam was nearing its end and winter sale. The gamers is just over 24 hours to purchase games that will warm them during the long winter evenings.

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