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Named the best fruit for effective weight loss

Назван лучший фрукт для эффективного похуденияTOP 5 unusual properties of mango.

Mango is called the elixir of youth and beauty, and it also helps to stay slim and energetic.

Useful sweetness
Juicy, sweet, aromatic… it’s all about the mango. To taste the fruit native to India like a combination of peach and pineapple, only sweeter half.

Despite the noticeable sweetness, a high content of glucose and sucrose, mango has a low glycemic index, that allows to include it in the menu for those who are dieting.

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80% mango consists of water, 15 % carbohydrates, 5% proteins and organic acids.

Improves metabolism

Surprisingly, this fruit can be consumed and those who are sweet should be restricted for medical reasons. Scientific studies have proven that mango extract has a magical ability to reduce weight, to adjust the level of the so-called “bad” cholesterol and improves the overall metabolism of the body.

A storehouse of vitamins

One of the important properties of mango — undeniable benefit for skin, especially those over 35. Due to the high content of vitamins C, A, beta-carotene mango prevents the appearance of wrinkles and promotes the formation of collagen fibers.

Fights wrinkles
Women, eat one mango a day, after three weeks the skin becomes more elastic, better retains moisture and less affected by UV rays.

Will help this fruit and the skin. Mix two spoons of mango pulp with a spoon of honey and a spoon of olive oil, apply before bed for 15 minutes. The effect is guaranteed!

Helps with stress

For people who are prone to stress and have problems with the nervous system, mango is also useful. It contains vitamin B6, which is needed in stressful situations. If you eat mangoes regularly, it can have a calming effect.

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