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Named the best folk remedy for periodontal disease

Названы лучшие народные средства от пародонтозаThe problem, familiar to many.

When the roots of the teeth become bare, and there begins to penetrate the infection, it brings suffering. Who suffers from such a nasty disease of the mouth, then realizes what it is. What are we to cure periodontal disease offers traditional medicine.

One of the most effective ways to fight periodontal disease is to use tea tree oil. After you just brushed your teeth with toothpaste, then start to work with the tea tree oil. Take your brush, rinsing well before this procedure mouth with water from the toothpaste take, therefore, a toothbrush and drips on it the bristles two or three drops of oil. And begin gently, not strongly pressing, again brush your teeth. This should be done smoothly, without pressure, the bristles of the brush should be soft.

When such a cleaning should capture not only the teeth but also gums. That is, doing a kind of massage brush. That is, the oil completely and smeared on the gums and teeth is everywhere in raseliny, so to speak, and you do massage, what actually contribute to increased blood flow. This procedure must be done frequently, preferably, at least once in two days. If you will be working with tea tree oil, your problems associated with periodontal disease, will decrease or completely go away.

The following recipe from periodontal disease, and to strengthen the gums and teeth using sesame seeds. Take the sesame seeds, it should not be fried, and raw. Apply it on the brush and begin to smear on the teeth. Ideally, of course, a little bit of it in a mortar grind before use. Or even just to chew on, and then this mass is put on brush. In a mortar and stir, then zaginuti brush and smeared on the gums and the teeth on both sides. This is also a very effective method of popular recipes. By the way, it can be applied, alternating with other methods, which are discussed above and below. And in the end two or three methods, of course, will help in the treatment of periodontal disease.

Some more advice for strengthening gums and teeth? It is very helpful to chew figs. Buy yourself a bag of figs, store it somewhere dry and it will last for a month at least. And preferably on an empty stomach, to chew one berry of figs. Just lived through and walk at least half an hour, not taking anything in the mouth. It is also a very serious impact on our teeth and gums. The enzymes contained in the figs, is very useful for teeth and gums.

And, the last tip. There is a Chinese belief that if every day 25 times to knock his teeth on the teeth then aktiviziruyutsya the meridians that go from the teeth further. Your teeth will gradually get more energy. If you do so twice a day and use these recipes, which were discussed above, your teeth and gums will always be strong and healthy.

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