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Named the best folk remedies to treat cough

Названы лучшие народные средства для лечения кашляFlu epidemic: how to cope with the accompanying cough.

The current epidemic of influenza has a very unpleasant accompanying symptom: a painful cough.

Dealing with it will help folk recipes.

Traditional recipes for cough is good because they are soft and do not give additional loads on the body. This is very important, because the treatment of influenza often occurs with pharmaceutical drugs that help, of course, to get better, but it gives quite a heavy load on the liver and kidneys. If you add more and powerful drugs for cough, the body will be trouble.

So try to treat cough people’s recipes. We picked the most safe, but remember that traditional recipes for cough in relation to the child can only be used after consultation with your pediatrician. This is very important, do not ignore them!

1.Cough cure onions and garlic. 5 large or 7-10 small follicles and head of garlic peel and boil in milk to soften. Leave the mixture for cooling (to a temperature of about 40 degrees, no higher), add the honey. Especially good for treating cough honey paste. This mixture should be taken every hour, 1 teaspoon maturation — child, 1 dining room about adult. This mixture is very good for painful dry cough: gently enveloping the neck, milk with honey, onion and garlic off bouts of dry cough. Assimilating organism in the gastrointestinal tract, this drug is having a therapeutic effect internal.

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2.Warming the chest. Attention! Any heat treatments there is an invalid temperature.

Boil the potatoes, mash it, put in a strong polyethylene, then in a thin cloth. Place the flat bread on the chest and cover with a blanket, lie down to cool down the pellets. Do not rush to jump out of bed immediately after the warm-up, soak at least 30 minutes. Otherwise the treatment effect will be greatly reduced.

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3. Cabbage with honey — children’s cough prescription. Scratch cabbage leaf with a knife, brush the surface with honey and tie it to your chest, ideally overnight. Honey and cabbage juice per night will be absorbed by the body, and the cough will be much weaker.

4. The recipes for cough herbal give a fairly quick recovery from cough. The pharmacy can buy a ready-made breast collection and tea specified in there recipe. You can collect this fee on their own. Raspberries, marjoram and mother and stepmother in equal proportions, brewed with boiling water (ideally in a thermos) and drink 3-4 times a day as tea.

5. Nettle is usually used when a prolonged cough. The leaves and/or roots of this plant need to boil in sugar syrup. Take 1 tablespoon 2-3 times a day. Be healthy!

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