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Named the best folk remedies for kidney health

Названы лучшие народные средства для здоровья почек The list includes five simple recipes.

Sudden spasms and very severe pain in lower back, chills, blood in urine, burning sensation and bloating – all symptoms of kidney problems.

Sometimes this condition is hereditary, but the most common cause of becoming ourselves, or rather our way of life.

Medication is inevitable. But to help him you can also prepare special teas for the kidneys.

Absolutely safe for other systems and useful for urinary, herbal teas contribute to a speedy recovery and purification of this pair on from sand and stones. Healthy kidney is one of the keys to normal functioning of the body. What should be given 3 minutes to learn how to prepare a home remedy?

5 home remedies for kidney

1. Pour 20 g of knotweed boiling water. Let stand for 10 minutes. Strain and drink three times a day. This is one of the best remedies to cleanse the kidneys from sand.

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2. You will need a tablespoon of juniper berries. They should pour two cups of boiling water and boil for another 20 minutes. Strain the finished tool and take three times a day only a tablespoon.

3. A good way of bringing sand from the kidneys, considered the carrot seeds. You can just eat 1 g of seeds three times a day or, alternatively, pour a tablespoon of Cup boiling water, strain and drink a glass three times a day.

4. Cook the juice of 1 kg of fresh berries of mountain ash with 600 g of sugar until dissolved last. Take up to 100 g this means twice a day.

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5. Pour 30 g of fragrant violets liter of water. Cook and cool. Take 0,5 Cup. three times a day.

So, on the one hand medicines prescribed by a physician, the other decoctions for kidney stones, with a third proper nutrition. When the disease are encouraged to eat vegetable soups and low-fat meat, boiled fish and fresh cabbage. Drink more plain water, lean on a pumpkin, carrots, cucumbers and dairy products. Here is how to treat kidney home remedies.

Refusal of treatment is fraught with renal colic, chronic kidney disease, urinary tract infection. Be sure to consult a specialist to prevent or halt the progression of the disease. And the above teas will help you in reaching the goal. Save your article in the bookmarks.

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