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Named the best fasting days for weight loss

Названы лучшие разгрузочные дни для похуденияA quick and effective way of weight loss.

We have heard a lot about the dangers of rapid weight loss, but women continue to dump 10 kg in a few days. And all because there is no correct planning and only a single struggle with the consequences.

One of the best ways to get rid of excess fat – fasting days.

It would seem that in this method all have been defined and all types of days on the fingers recalculated: Apple, cucumber, watermelon, dairy, meat… But despite this, all recommendations for fasting days there is some uncertainty. Like experts something I forgot to explain something very important.

Indeed, there are ladies who can have the whole day to eat cabbage and eat it with cucumbers, and be absolutely sure that you successfully unloaded. In fact, the essence of the fasting day consists not in number and not in calories, and the UNIFORMITY of the PRODUCT. Because nutritionists forget to stress and thereby allow the ladies to make the menu unloading at their discretion. They make – just throw in the daily diet a little bit of everything from different days of discharge, as in a vinaigrette. By the way, many do sit in the vinaigrette…

The second very important point that it is necessary to stress – which cleanse to choose each particular person? And this is a reason to be disturbed.


Experts love it. I think the best fasting day and strongly advise everyone. Although in reality not all of it will fit. It is known that one serving of apples (approximately 100 g) sanitizes the intestines, normalizes its work. But 2-3 servings, on the contrary, slabat. And if you eat according to the rules of the fasting day 1.5 kg of apples will upset my stomach. But there are people who have nothing of the sort happens. That’s it and you can sit on the apples.
Some experts say that Apple days are easy, hunger is not felt. However, this rule is not for everyone. Some, on the contrary, experiencing a severe famine, because the apples can indeed provoke appetite.

Knowing their features, and decide for yourself – good for you Apple day or not. If the body against these fruits has nothing, then the experts strongly recommend the unloading of those who have problems with the kidneys, and the intestine from the diet improves their work.

During the day you can eat 1.5 kg of fresh apples. They need to distribute on 6 receptions. Experts recommend to take the savory varieties of apples, for example, white filling or Antonovka. In a fasting day you can lose weight 0.5-1.0 kg.


On fasting days on any raw vegetables should be said at once – they need to have a perfect gut! If you – go for it!

As for the tomatoes, quite a lot of oxalic acid. Therefore, people suffering from gastrointestinal diseases, and most importantly, urolithiasis, or gout, to unload on tomatoes is impossible. Tomato is a wonderful vegetable, but it is useful only for healthy people.

Diet: 1,5 kg of fresh tomatoes you need to eat throughout the day in 6 receptions. For a taste of the vegetables you can season with a little salt. Approximately 3-4 grams of salt, but not anymore! Per day you can lose up to 1 kg of weight.


Cucumber has one distinctive feature – they have the highest alkaline equivalents among other vegetables. Cucumber directly after the record for the alkali content! It must be considered in the selection. First and foremost it will be useful for those who have a shift of acid-alkaline balance to the acid side.

Tatiana Ressin also advises to choose these days those who need to sanitize the intestines and who have the tendency to edema. And swelling it is better to have greenhouse cucumbers, instead of ground, because they contain more potassium, which gives the cucumbers dehydrations properties.

Diet: 1,5 kg of fresh cucumbers to eat during the day for 6 receptions. For a taste of them a little salt. Like tomatoes – 3-4 grams of salt. Per day on this diet you can lose up to 1.5 kg.


Deviation from the rules in this day and unloading specialists made not for diversity, but because these two products to each other not only does not hinder but complement.

Diet: 1.2 kg of cucumbers to eat during the day for 4 receptions and evening, on the fifth admission, to eat 50 grams of cooked lean meat. Weight loss up to 1 kg.


Contraindications for kefir of the day almost none. Except individual intolerance or the brutal hunger that appears in some after drinking this drink. It is only necessary to consider that fresh yogurt (one day), weak, and old (three-day), on the contrary, strengthens. Depending on what condition is your gut, the kefir and pick for handling the day.

Diet: 1.5 liters of yogurt a day to drink for 6 receptions. In a fasting day can reduce weight by 0.4-1.5 kg.


These fasting days will also fit almost any healthy person. They will be very useful for those who do not tolerate fruit and vegetables, particularly due to weaker intestine. In contra, you can add sour day for diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

Diet: 400 g low-fat cottage cheese or sour cream you need to eat for 4 doses. Weight loss may be from 0.5 to 1.0 kg.


Days dairy specialists prescribed with caution. Cow’s milk is a very strong allergen. So a fasting day can afford only the person who is absolutely confident that nothing will happen. And still it is necessary to follow along. At the slightest manifestation of an Allergy, the intake of dairy products stop.

Diet: 6 cups of milk fractional drink during the day. Better for half a Cup. It is possible to lose up to 1 kg of weight.


360 g of boiled lean meat and 50-80 grams of vegetables to divide into 4 pieces and take throughout the day. Meat can be replaced with fish. It is better to take the cod or carp. In these days possible to decrease weight 0.5-1.5 kg. of Meat days is contraindicated in patients with hypertension and renal disease.


This fasting day for lovers of the exotic. Despite the diversity of products, effect of weight loss too happens, but not as big as the previous unloading.

The diet of the Chinese is that. Morning – 100 g of cheese and a Cup of black coffee with a small amount of sugar (1 piece or 1 tsp) lunch – 2 boiled eggs and a Cup of black coffee with the same amount of sugar in the evening – 200 g of cottage cheese and a Cup of tea with a small amount of sugar. In total it’s only 1100 calories.


Diet: 1,5 kg of any fruit or berries (your choice) to eat for 6 receptions. Watermelon flesh can take up to 2 kg, when the melons ripen, of course. Weight loss can be up to 1.5 kg.


About the unloading of almost no one says anything, because nutritionists do not advocate it. In the opinion of Tatyana Resinol – completely in vain. Raw vegetables and fruits still irritate the stomach and intestines, provoke bloating. And boiled potatoes such harm does not. Especially good a fasting day for cardiovascular disease and the tendency to edema.

Diet: 300 g potatoes, boiled in jackets, take 5-6 times a day.

In General, many recipes – choose to your taste and in accordance with the condition of the body. It remains only to discuss the frequency of offloads. In principle, one day a week is enough, as fasting days – it’s still a long-term program. And if they become a habit, then sooner or later the figure will be slimmer, and most importantly – permanently!

However, life is different and often sinful – it’s a birthday someone happens, the restaurant will want to go, and then we allow ourselves superfluous. In this case it would be correct to give yourself the extra fasting day for the week.

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