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Named the best diet for a sweet tooth

Названы лучшие диеты для сладкоежекThere are diets that are allowed to eat sweets. Find out what!

Chocolate diet. Is very strict and involves eating only 90 grams of chocolate per day, preferably bitter, so eat your fill of sweets is unlikely. Each meal (there should be three) should be accompanied by consumption of unsweetened black coffee with a small amount of skim milk.

Drink green tea or water only after three hours after a meal, the total quantity of liquid shall not be less than 1.2 liters. The diet lasts for 4-5 days, during which promised a loss of 3-6 pounds. More gentle to the body are unloading chocolate day, which can be done once a week.

Candy diet, it is often called caramel. Involves eating 75 grams of candy per day, it is recommended to dissolve in moments when the feeling of hunger is particularly acute.

To follow this diet recommended no more than three days. You may lose weight 4-5 kg. A more gentle option provides adequate nutrition to 16-00 and replacement of the candies subsequent meals. The amount of liquid (not naturally sweet) is not limited.

Banana diet offers to reduce your daily diet to two or three bananas and three glasses of milk.

It is recommended to stick to no longer than three days, during this time, manages to lose 3-4 kilograms. Milk is best to use skim, those who did not love him, can replace it with light yogurt. If desired, bananas can be subjected to heat treatment, for example, to simmer or boil.

Grape diet, as its name implies, is based on the use of grapes for three days: the first day is recommended to eat a pound of berries in the second – half, third two pounds.

Daily dose preferably divided into five parts and not to forget about consuming two liters of fluid. Thus it is possible to lose 2 pounds.

Honey diet, despite its name, is not limited to the daily ration of sweets exclusively honey. It in the amount of one teaspoon is recommended to add to each primary meal three times a day.

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