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Named the best country to leave in 2019

Названы лучшие страны для отпуска в 2019 годуA good journey is better to plan ahead.

We pre-selected the 8 best countries to vacation in 2019 (for the full list see website Safely book your flight with no fuss select the best hotel and will receive vacation for maximum enjoyment.

Sri Lanka – budget exotic

At the South-Eastern coast of India is a unique island of Sri Lanka, attracting travelers from around the world. A legacy of Sri Lanka got the fusion of many traditions and religions and cultures. Therefore, it is an interesting local tour to the places of a thousand years of history: the fortress of the 5th century Sigiriya rock fortress, ancient capital Polonnaruwa, Kandy diverse. Road seized elephant nurseries, national parks and tea plantations. Sri Lanka is a massive exotic destination. Here you can fly over organized leisure activities, and budget, you can plan a trip by yourself – on the island transportation is so convenient and perfectly safe.

Germany – Bauhaus

Germany has always been a center of innovation. From 1919 to 1933 in Dessau worked High school the construction of the Bauhaus, whose motto was “functionalism” at an affordable price. Despite the fact that the school did not last long, for the Bauhaus lives and actively implemented in life today. In Germany there are three museums dedicated to the style of the Bauhaus in Berlin, Weimar and Dessau. Don’t miss the unique opportunity to witness the opening in 2019, the new building for the Bauhaus Museum in Dessau. This city has the most buildings built by the architects of Higher education. However, any route in Germany promises interesting historical and gastronomic discovery.


Zimbabwe is in southern Africa. It is a country of Safari: wild animals roam freely in national parks, enabling people to enjoy exciting adventures. Importantly, in these places is to trust the Ranger and not to leave the jeep. Fans of rafting and bungee jumping will appeal to gorge Batoka, where incredible strength with a height of 108 m. erupts Victoria falls. In national parks, Matusadona and Mana Pools you will have a unique opportunity to spot hippos, rhinos and birds. It is advised to go to Zimbabwe with an organized tour – it is more convenient from the point of view of logistics.


In Central America on the isthmus of Panama is located in Panama, whose name translates as “the place where a lot of fish”. Tourists are attracted to Panama white sandy beaches, tropical forests and traditions of indigenous peoples. In 2019 in Panama city, held a Grand celebration of the 500th anniversary of the founding of the capital. Festival “Viva Panama!” promises to be supersaturating.


Do you like adventure? Set aside all the things, take a long vacation to go on an amazing journey of 650 kilometres, You will see spectacular views of the Jordan valley. At a depth of 400 m below sea level, will open the Mujib canyon in Wadi Mujib. You will be amazed by the magnificence of Petra, founded in 300 BC, but do Not limit yourself to Hiking trails, immerse yourself in the realities of the lives of Jordanians – get a instead of friendliness and hospitality.


World nomad games in 2018 in Kyrgyzstan opened the country to the world. People come here in search of unspoiled nature, mineral springs, to the shores of Issyk-Kul lake or to conquer the peaks of the Tien Shan. Group of adventure lovers come from Ukraine to Kyrgyzstan, make trips, visit Alpine pastures and mountain peaks.


Several thousands of volcanic Islands located in Indonesia. Due to the good transport connection as well as visa-free access for citizens from 169 countries, including Ukraine, come here more and more travelers. In Indonesia you can combine familiarity with the major cities like Kuala Lumpur with Paradise Islands, jungles and nature reserves with endemic species. Only here in special nurseries you will meet orang-utans, you will see monkeys, proboscis monkeys, hornbills and other rare animals.


The small country of Belize on the Eastern coast of Central America bordering the Caribbean sea. Most of us, this name says nothing, but believe me, the country will impress you. Belize is inhabited by mestizos – the descendants of the Maya and expats. Although the official language is English, on the streets constantly hear Creole and Spanish, and in small villages – the Indian dialect.

In the jungle there are ancient ruins of the Mayan civilization: the Caracol, Lamanai and Altun Ha. Belize ecotourism develops, offers to visit their national parks and reserves. While there are no crowds of tourists, and it is an occasion to explore the country among the first.

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