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Named the best city to meet new friends

Названы лучшие города для заведения новых знакомствThe list was city of Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Ireland and the USA.

Internet service selection of hotels and hostels Hostelworld, interviewing 12,000 people from 28 countries, made the list of cities most suitable for making new acquaintances.

The rating is based on criteria such as social life (i.e. how often people meet each other to do things together), communication (how people prefer personal communication) and social environment (how often events like parties). - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The list was headed by the Swedish city of Gothenburg. This city was a leader on such indicators as social values and the social environment. This means that citizens high valued personal communication, enjoy parties, trusted by their friends, tolerant and open to different situations.

In second place was the Swedish capital. Stockholm was the second criterion such as a social environment, but took first place in the list of tolerant and friendly cities.

Third place at Chicago, he visited Boston and new York. In the category of public life he became the second, and so Chicagoans like to hang out with friends in cafes, bars, restaurants or social networking tools.

Boston became the fourth city in the list. Trailing Chicago, people in this city also love to meet in cafes or bars.

Fifth place went to new York. On average the residents of this city meet over a Cup of something more often than residents of any other city. But in other categories of the rating of new York confidently takes the fifth place.

The top ten also hit Copenhagen, Madrid, Rome, Hamburg and Dublin.

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