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Named the best cars to $ 2000

Названы лучшие автомобили до 2000 долларов These cars are cheap to buy on the secondary market.

To buy a good car with a limited budget available – not an easy task. Especially if you need a vehicle for movement and not a constructor “young mechanic”.

However, difficult doesn’t mean impossible. We bring you the best deals for the sale of cars in Ukraine.

Ford Sierra

A reliable car for reasonable money. A real “American”. Not a Corvette, of course, but the modest appearance of the sedan kompensiruet a large range of spare parts in the market. And good tuning is capable to mitigate the first disadvantage.

Audi 80

Perhaps the most high-status model of the 90s at an affordable price, the predecessor of the equally popular A4. This sporty sedan is perfect for everyday travel, and the role of the project for customization.

Daewoo Lanos

The first independent project of the company and, perhaps, the most popular model of the mid-2000s in Ukraine. In 2008, the Lanos was the localization process, become a fully “national” car whose components were manufactured in Zaporizhia and Melitopol. Last year, ZAZ ceased production of the former sales leader. Now the car can be purchased at a more affordable price on the secondary market.

Toyota Corolla

Without Japanese this list would be incomplete. Toyota was one of the most popular brands of cars at the turn of the Millennium, both in Europe and overseas. Hence the variety of different models of the brand in the secondary market. In addition, the model even thirty years ago still looks fresh and solid.

Peugeot 205

Remember the make of the car, which maneuvered through the streets of Marseilles the protagonist of the film “Taxi”? It turns out that the “donor” to create your own street racer can be purchased for a very reasonable price. Yes, this is another and a little older model, but the right “stuffing” and further tuning, isn’t it?

Volkswagen Golf III

The third generation of one of the most popular German brands did not impress in the Ukrainian drivers in the 90-ies, when the fashion was more stylish, powerful and prestigious cars. However, in the early 2000s, used Golf models from Europe EN masse to fill the local secondary market. German quality, a wide selection of parts, reasonable price and suitability to modifications to be forced to look at the modest look of the car from a different angle.

Opel Omega

Another German brand known for their quality, reliability and low price. The most common on the secondary market there are models 1987 to 1992. Despite the fact that Omega has discontinued almost 15 years ago, is not releasing a direct successor, on the websites for the sale of spare parts is still not a problem to find all the necessary accessories.

Seat Ibiza

Compact hatchback wagon, which is from the 90s, produced the same Volkswagen. However, to fit into the framework of the stated budget, you should look for first of all, the original model of the Spanish production of the 80s. by the Way, this is one of the few models on the list produced so far, which is an advantage for those who want to upgrade cars.

Nissan Primera

A follower of the Nissan Bluebird is manufactured in Japan for nearly half a century. Unlike his experienced predecessor, the Primera has a galvanized body protected against corrosion. Not surprisingly, the model was removed from production for more than 10 years, is still a reliable vehicle and one of the best options on the secondary market.

ZAZ 1102 Tavria

It’s worth remembering the famous Ukrainian hatchback. The weaknesses and main disadvantages – not too strong body and close salon, is corrected by the maintenance and further customization. Low price of spare parts and small fuel consumption – a nice bonus, make this already nominally a budget option the least expensive in the long term.

Our rating of the choice, of course, is not limited. And with a slightly more flexible budget range of offerings will grow exponentially to increase the amount of allocated funds. But keep in mind that buying a used car is only half the story: ahead you will find challenging, but, obviously, in the process of modernization and reconstruction.

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