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Named the best beverage for prevention of diabetes

Назван лучший напиток для профилактики диабетаDoctors advise to drink black tea.

Scientists from Switzerland came to the conclusion that a Cup of black tea per day are effective in preventing type 2 diabetes.

Researchers from Data Mining International group (Geneva) conducted a study based on the analysis of 50 countries, confirming the Association between consumption of black tea and a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. However, this study is more of a statistical nature: scientists have been unable to explain the mechanisms of the beneficial action of this type of tea.

Swiss experts will continue to search for evidence of these data, which also testified about the benefits of using green and white tea as a means of prevention of diabetes. However, the leader of the study said that in the future they plan to explore the properties of only one black tea, which is presumably associated with the fermentation process. A new study was published in the “British medical journal” (BMJ).

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All countries that were included in the study, the highest level of tea consumption was observed in the UK (above all in Ireland) and Turkey. Almost never drink black tea, as it turned out, North Korea, Brazil and China.

American colleagues of participants Data Mining International reacted critically to the statements made by the latter. They say there are no good reasons to recommend that patients with diabetes or people at risk of drinking black tea. To avoid this serious illness, they are advised to perform a “classic” and proven recommendations:

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To limit the consumption of “light” carbohydrates: sweets, confectionery
Enter in your diet on a regular basis fruits, vegetables, whole grains
Three times a week to devote half an hour of aerobic exercises

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