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Named the basic rules of healthy eating fruits

Названы основные правила здорового употребления фруктов A nutritionist has shared advice on fruit.

Perhaps the fruit is the only kind of food to which the human species is biologically adapted, the author notes the well-known system of healing Maya gogulan in the book “the System of Maya gogulan to the health of women.”

But many people do not eat fruit. And some say: “I can’t eat, it’s bad.” The reason for this lies in the wrong use of fruits.

Meanwhile, fruit is the most important part of our diet. Suffice it to recall the opening of the famous American anthropologist Alan Walker. He wrote: “Early human ancestors were originally proceede.

They did not eat meat and even seeds, shoots, leaves, grasses, nor were they omnivorous. They ate mainly fruits”. Therefore, many scientists and researchers have come to the conclusion that because the human body originally adapted to eat fruit, it to him during the day requires much more than proteins (proteins).

However, all the advantages of the fruit can be thwarted if they are used incorrectly.

How to eat fruit?

1. Fruits should eat before meals on an empty stomach; if you eat after a meal, all the food starts to ferment and digested in acid.

Need to know: as soon as the fruit comes into contact with another food and digestive juices, the entire mass of food begins to sour and spoil.

We have been taught to eat fruits for dessert or to drink juice after a meal. You can’t do that!

Many people incorrectly eat a melon: or together with other fruits, or after another meal (lunch, for example). Better to eat the melon first, and after 30-40 minutes of something else. And then there will be no problems.

Many reject sour fruits, including apples, saying, “I Have and without them, hyperacidity”.

Remember: all plant foods are rich in alkaline grounds. Lemons, oranges, pineapples, grapefruit, apples just taste are acidic. As soon as they enter the body, they are transformed into alkali, but again if them to use correctly.

2. Fruits and fruit juices should be consumed only raw.

Jam, any canned fruit, baked apples, fruit cakes, puddings, fruit harmful. They form acids that destroy the delicate shell of internal organs. They force the body to spend vital energy to neutralize acid.

Any heat treatment destroys the potential value of the product, especially fruits, their juices and vegetables. Juices should be fresh. If their drink is pasteurized, but still made with concentrates, the juice will turn acidic in its pure form even before you drink it. It will cause your body great harm.

3. Juice – not drink. Juice – food. Our body needs fiber. It is better to eat fruits, chewing them carefully. And instead of having to use such a familiar and harmful beverages such as tea and coffee, much better to drink freshly prepared fruit or vegetable juice.

Do not drink the whole glass in one gulp, and enjoy fruit juice, taking it in SIPS, let the juice to mix with saliva before you swallow it.

4. After taking the fruit on an empty stomach you have to wait for some time: after juicy fruit – 20-30 minutes; after the fleshy (bananas, dried fruits, dates, figs, etc.) – 45-60 minutes; only then can you begin to receive other food.
If you eat fruit, not observing these recommendations, you can negate all the benefits, moreover, is to commit a crime against the health of your body by breaking the acid-alkaline balance in the blood.

Some believe that all these rules invented by “nerds”. Often think: “My grandfather all his life drank, ate meat, bread, you never calculate the hours and lived to 90 years”.

What can we say to such people? If they regularly eat wrong and don’t feel bad, it does not mean that this will not affect their health and longevity that they do not violate the rules of supply. The laws of Life – Laws of Health, to cancel them no one. It only talks about the enormous adaptability of the human body. Maybe this grandfather was programmed to 150-200 years, but due to the fact that he had not complied with the Laws of Life, Nature took him to 90 years, writes Maya gogulan.

Indispensable rule of a healthy lifestyle is: in the morning before noon, do not eat anything. If for some reason you can’t do that, eat only fresh fruits or drink fruit juices. You can also drink plain, good quality water or tea (infusion) of leaves of raspberry, black currant, rose hips.

During the day eat fruits as much as you want, don’t limit yourself. Your body will tell itself as you need. Fruits require energy to digest. If you chewed them well if you eat them in their natural form, they do not require digestion in the stomach. All the nutrients contained in them are absorbed in the intestine.

As you know, the worst time for eating is the evening, but even worse is early in the morning, immediately after waking up.

“A heavy Breakfast means a heavy day. A light Breakfast meets easy day,” say the followers of a natural way of life.

If you woke up after a night of rest, energy and spoiling from you! What are you going to spend it? To digest a hearty Breakfast? New energy is formed not earlier than the food will be absorbed into the bloodstream from the intestines. Food will be in the stomach 3 hours or more (if you ate it in the right combination). I ate immediately after waking up?

Many people are afraid to skip Breakfast. “And how am I going to work?” You can’t make your body suffer from lack of food, I assure you. Your body will use the food eaten the day before and shape the elements, not even using everything to the end. And you without morning meal will feel much fitter and more energetic.

Breakfast fruit. And you’ll always feel a surge of energy during the day, because you saved her, not squandered.

After eating fruit, wait 30-120 minutes, and then you can eat something else. After another meal an hour later popivaya water for about 3 hours before you eat something. But listen to your body. If he really wants food, or are you habitually attracted to her?

“When I want to eat and the allotted time to digest, not passed (3-4 hours), I drink warm water. If after that I don’t forget about the food, you begin to believe that it’s time is that this is not a call to my old habits. Extra calories harmful, especially if they are used together with food or cooked food eaten in the wrong combination,” said Maia gogulan.

Every meal, start with fruits. Eaten on an empty stomach fresh fruits have only a positive effect, promoting weight loss and at the same time providing the body with energy.

Now, remember how to eat fruit:

• First, separate from other foods.
• Second, before meals and not after meals (on an empty stomach).
• Third, only in the natural (cheese).
• Fourth, to observe the interval between intake of fruit and your next meal – 60-80 minutes after the fruit fleshy.

When you can again begin to fruit after a meal:

• after 2 hours, if you eat fresh salads, vegetables, herbs;
• after 3 hours, if you eat foods in the right combination, but without meat, fish, poultry, eggs and other cooked products;
• after 4 hours, if you eat foods in the right combination, but with meat and other animal products;
• after 8 hours, if you ate everything in the wrong combination.

It is best to eat fruits as Breakfast. It is useful to follow 1-2 days a week of pure fruit diet, and also suggest before and after fasting to use a fruit diet for at least 1-2 days.

Eating exclusively fruit in the morning is closely related to natural physiological cycles of the body.

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