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Named sweetness popular slimming

Названа популярная сладость, способствующая похудениюDark chocolate helps control appetite.

Potatoes and dark chocolate dull the sense of hunger and help control appetite.

This was announced by the dietician Lyudmila Babich.

Potatoes – very hearty vegetable product. Potatoes have not so many calories as most other side dishes, but it saturates much better.

“Potatoes for a long time nourishes the body and keeps the feeling of satiety. But experts do not recommend eating potatoes along with fatty varieties of meat – this combination is poorly absorbed and has a negative impact on the stomach. Also do not recommend the potatoes to roast during this treatment, the potato absorbs a lot of oil,” – said the expert.

Positively impact the appetite for dark chocolate. Therefore, experts recommend to give preference while on a diet it tacosaltos. A piece of dark chocolate will slow down the digestive process and will create a feeling of satiety.

Very useful for those who want to lose weight are seafood. It is recommended to include in the diet daily.

“Foods that contain large amounts of iodine, a beneficial effect on the thyroid gland. It is from the thyroid affects the metabolism, it controls our appetite and ultimately, weight. Most of iodine contained in the seafood and marine fish – include them in the diet is often as possible, plus they are less calories than most meats. Fish contains plenty of valuable amino acids, vitamins and minerals, because its use not only helps to control appetite and beneficial for the entire body.

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