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Named spice that helps to lose weight

Названа специя, помогающая худетьYou don’t need to worry that baked will make you gain extra pounds!

When you make a pie, consider adding cinnamon; scientists believe that cinnamaldehyde organic compound that gives cinnamon its flavor, and helps burn fat. The study is published in the scientific journal Metabolism.

The urgency of the problem

You don’t need to worry that baked will make you gain extra pounds! Tasty treats contain cinnamon.

Jung Woo (Jun Wu) with co-authors decided to study the effect of cinnamaldehyde the fat cells of the person. Previous studies in mice have shown that cinnamaldehyde helps to fight obesity and hyperglycemia .

“So, Wu said, — we wanted to find out how this will work in human cells”.

The scientific results

Experiments have shown that cinnamaldehyde has a direct action on fat cells . In the process known as thermogenesis, connect forces the adipocytes (fat cells) begin to burn the fat that they stored. Adipocytes store lipids that are burned for energy. Cells have evolved so that our body effectively use energy resources in bad times, for example, in the cold winter or in famine.

As an energy consuming process, or thermogenesis, to turn back, examine many studies, especially in light of the so-called obesity epidemic. The study’s authors believe that cinnamon may be one of the ways to turn of thermogenesis. In their studies they found high expression of certain genes and enzymes that enhance lipid metabolism in adipocytes when using cinnamaldehyde. In addition, the researchers found a higher level of Ucp1 and Fgf21, which are regulatory proteins that helps to induce thermogenesis.

The researchers conclude: “Cinnamon is a popular food Supplement and not a cure, but it can activate thermogenesis and lead to the development of therapeutic methods to combat obesity.”

Cinnamon is used for thousands of years, now researchers have established that it can protect from obesity. Scientists warn that more research is needed to figure out how to use cinnamaldehyde and does it have any side effects.

The authors of another study claim that the compounds cinnamon not only have good flavor but are potent inhibitor of colorectal cancer.

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