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Named simple ways to reduce the harm from Smoking

Названы несложные способы уменьшить вред от куренияIt turns out that the smokers have a chance to reduce the harm of nicotine and tobacco on their health.

To quit Smoking is not easy for a man who abuses Smoking for several years, maybe decades. But in the 21st century and we all know that tobacco, nicotine, tar and other substances from cigarettes completely kill health. Smokers have a lot of problems: shortness of breath, fetid breath, gastrointestinal diseases tract, particularly the stomach, which suffers every day from cigarette smoke, irritating its walls.

Doctors say that the best option for all smokers is complete abstinence from cigarettes, but for those who can not quit Smoking, they recommend to perform the following actions on quite a bit, but still reduce the harm of Smoking.

So, simple ways to reduce harm from cigarettes:

1. First Breakfast then a cigarette. The vast majority of smokers, waking up, thrown to a pack of cigarettes so I could smoke. Actually, this is a serious error, leading to diseases of the stomach, because this body is completely protected in the morning. Therefore, physicians are advised to eat, and then light your favorite cigarette.

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2. To smoke a cigarette halfway. Few people know that hotels are going all the harmful substances. In this regard, the experts insist on the partial Smoking of a cigarette.

3. At a party full of alcoholic drinks, do not go out for a smoke. Almost all eating places Smoking is prohibited in the hall. And this is useful not only because a non-smoker people breathe. It turns out, alcohol with cigarette, it’s a double dose of poison to the body. Just don’t go out for a smoke while drinking alcohol, otherwise you risk to ruin your health for one night.

4. Before and after a workout shouldn’t smoke. The fact is that any physical activity helps normalize blood circulation, that is if it had a slow, after the sport will accelerate. What happens to blood when after a workout person smokes a cigarette? It is populated with all the toxic substances of cigarette smoke and delivers them to every cell.

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5. Don’t smoke during work or Hobbies. Any exciting activity, requiring concentration, easily distracted people from how many cigarettes he smoked for a couple of hours. It turns out that it is better not to smoke in these moments, or to the state of “stoned” spider long.

6. Smoking only outdoors, away from people. So, you care not only about their but also about the health of others. This is especially true of those who ruthlessly smoke in the apartment, poisoning smoke all households.

7. Not to drag on the full chest. If I quit Smoking you can not, then at least do not make too deep puffs, as the smoke with all the toxins goes much deeper into the lungs and the chance of getting cancer you are getting bigger.

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