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Named simple methods of life extension

Названы несложные способы продления жизниSenile dementia, or dementia, is a mysterious disease.

The researchers still no answer to the question of why it appears and how to cure it.

We only know that to a greater extent the disease affects people who have family already there were similar cases. And even then not always.

Alas, a healthy lifestyle will not be a lifesaver. Sometimes, a person does not drink, does not smoke, watches diet, sports, and the memory failed. Or Vice versa – indulges in bad habits, but the mind remains clear.

However, the memory can and should support healthy.

1. To teach poetry

Memory must be trained, like all brain functions, says the Director of the Institute of human brain named after N. P. the RAS Svyatoslav Medvedev. – Rather, the issue is not that something to remember, and at the right time to find in your mind the right information.

Among researchers there is a simple tip for exercise is to throw away all the notebooks. Do not record any phone numbers, no names, no birthdays. Otherwise, the brain will relax. People subconsciously gives your team: information not necessarily to remember, because the hand is the crib.

But to imagine modern life without records is difficult. Many are diaries, because the day they have appointed a dozen meetings and phone calls. Time to abandon notebooks difficult.

Fortunately, there is an easier way of brain training – to teach poetry.

– I had one friend. Every day she would learn by heart one poem, – says Svyatoslav Medvedev. And at the age of 90 she was still gorgeous!

2. To be creative

The brain is almost not involved in the standard procedures that every day we do on autopilot. Another thing – creativity.

– If creative work is activated the whole brain. You can write poetry, paintings, music, anything – continues to Medvedev. But we must distinguish between creativity and ordinary mental labor. Not always, these things are the same. When there were no computers, on the creation of the atomic bomb worked dozens of calculators. This intellectual work. But not creativity. For creativity you can take all that man does without the algorithm. Anything he doesn’t know how to approach it, do not know what happens in the end. It works. If there is an algorithm – it is not creativity.

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And creative work can extend the life!

– While creativity aktiviziruyutsya neurons, which are responsible for the internal organs and make them a kind of massage. In the end, people live for decades longer, – said Svyatoslav.

3. To be a polyglot

According to recent studies, age-related dementia often affects people with primary or secondary education. But make your hobby learning foreign languages, and brain will thank you!

– Learning languages can be considered primary prevention of age-related dementia, – says head of the psychoneurological Department of the research Institute of human brain named Bechtereva Alexander Chomsky. – We hear a new, we say new, write new, remember the new, all combine and evaluate the quality of the entire process. It is important that you can immediately see the result, and this is a good incentive!

4. Sleep

During sleep the brain transfers information from short-term into long-term memory. But only provided that it is strong and healthy sleep in compliance with all of its phases.

– A person has two phases of sleep that alternate with each other: sleep slow and fast, – says Svyatoslav Medvedev. – The first time that the body restores resources, the second performs the function of psychological protection and ensures the transfer of information between the conscious and the subconscious. It is believed that it is better to Wake up during REM sleep. Now there are even gadgets which phase counting time when you need to Wake up. It is important that a man had a dream, it suggests that he is resting enough.

5. To abandon shooters

Computer games – a popular method to relax. But the game game strife.

– There are educational games, but they are few and they are very difficult, – says Svyatoslav Medvedev. – Another thing is – primitive shooting. Playing them, we are constantly working on the same mechanism. And if the first time it is still a novelty for the brain, then the game goes on wheels. The more time you spend for automated, useless thing, the more you are killing your brain and its ability to make decisions.

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6. To read

Detailed description of characters, their personalities, thoughts and actions causes us to comprehend what is happening.

– In addition, the book develops imagination, – said Medvedev. – Build in our minds to non-existent worlds, drawing non-existent people. Here you read “the Three Musketeers” and there describe my Lady. To mind the image of a man. The movie show, and it ruins the fantasy. The culture of reading developing a culture of remembering.

7. Not to be alone

Loneliness is another factor that unites the majority of people suffering from senile dementia. The society need our brain to develop and maintain sound thinking.

– Even if I know the man and can assume that he will ask and I will answer it, we still often find ourselves in a precarious situation where we communicate, rather than when alone – explains Alexander Chomsky. – If we live together, I’m much more social responsibilities: I need to know when my loved one’s birthday, that he loves, and what is not, needs to predict its actions. Close communication is a complex psychophysical process that retains the psyche.

How to predict the disease?

– Dementia and Alzheimer’s begin decades before the clinical manifestations, warns Svyatoslav Medvedev. The brain has incredible plasticity. While a huge number of neurons did not disappear, no one notices the disease. The only way to see its origin – to do regular EEG. But here is another question: then what to do with this knowledge? To cure dementia and Alzheimer’s impossible.

– What are the first signs of senile dementia?

– Impaired memory, concentration, confusion, smoothness of facial reactions. Patients with dementia often one and the same expression, – says Alexander Chomsky. – When the disease has developed, can disrupt fine motor skills.

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