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Named seven major causes of stroke

Названы семь основных причин инсультаDoctors told the other who is more at risk of stroke.

As we know, stroke is a consequence of circulatory disorders of the brain, involving rupture of vessel of the brain, fainting and paralysis. In some cases, the patient’s stroke paralyzes only the parts of the body, and sometimes the whole thing. Impaired speech after a stroke, a person has to learn to speak again.

If you compare the stroke with cancer and diseases of the cardiovascular system, this disease is the third in mortality statistics. Stroke has no age, but the bulk of the patients are people who have passed the 60 year mark.

Disease causing stroke:

– hypertension and hypertension;

congenital and acquired pathology of the heart;

– a severe head injury in the past;

– thrombosis;

– blockage of blood vessels of the brain.

The main causes of stroke:

1. Age. The fact is that over the years the blood vessels of the brain grow old just like the man himself. Therefore, they are most prone to rupture and stroke, respectively.

2. Long-term use of drugs, having in its composition oestrogens, which are rapidly developing heart disease.

3. Hypertension and hypertension. High blood pressure is a result of clogged arteries and atherosclerosis that gradually weakens the walls of blood vessels in the brain and provokes their rupture.

4. Diseases of the heart and blood vessels mostly caused by elevated levels of cholesterol and glucose in the blood, and this means that the circulatory system will not operate at full power and to supply nutrients to the brain will not be able in full. Again, the vessels of the brain in this case too clogged, which can lead to the rupture of one of them.

5. Smoking and other bad habits significantly increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and hemorrhage in the brain, i.e., stroke in connection with this risk, doctors recommend to deal with data dependencies.

6. Carotid artery stenosis is when narrowing of the carotid artery and significantly slowing down blood flow to the brain, the result can be a stroke.

7. Diabetes is the most serious disease in which stroke can be fatal. A person with normal blood sugar levels and healthy blood vessels if and sealed with some kind of artery, other shunt artery delivering oxygen to the brain, while diabetics in most cases, the artery affected by atherosclerosis.

Each person has a real opportunity to protect themselves from stroke, taking care of your health in advance, especially because the causes of this disease are known – only have to avoid them in life and all will be well.

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