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Named seven major causes of headaches

Названы семь основных причин головной болиThe doctors explained why it can often a headache.

The cause of the headache depends on himself the effect of the pain and well-being, and relieved different pain in different ways. Therefore, it is important to know, so to speak, the face of the enemy and be able to distinguish the cause of the headache yourself, because you’re not going to call an ambulance as soon as you have a headache? By the way, in some cases, to do so and it should, because the sharp headache may be the first symptom of a heart attack or stroke.

The seven most likely causes of headaches:

1. Stroke. If a stroke hurts one part of the head. A person can check themselves, and even the following ways: hands up if one is below another, it is a stroke, a crooked smile and a sharp speech disorder – the same symptoms of a stroke. In this case, it is necessary to call the doctor.

2. Hangover. This is one of the common causes of headaches in most people that consume alcoholic drinks. This should hurt the whole head from all sides. The most effective methods of saving for a hangover – long sleep, fresh air, gym, Jogging and plenty of water.

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3. Hypertension. If the pain is concentrated in the occipital region of the head, it is a sign of high blood pressure. To eliminate headaches, you should reduce to normal pressure.

4. Infectious and viral diseases. Flu, SARS and other seasonal ailments can cause a headache. To resolve this symptom, you need to stay in bed and drink lots of warm water or green tea.

5. Sinusitis. When a person has a stuffy nose, often there is pain in the area of the nasal septum, extending to the head. To stop this kind of pain is possible by means of flushing or warming of the nose, and antibiotics, but only those that are prescribed by the doctor.

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6. Migraine. Most often, migraine attacks are suffering women. Migraine pain is concentrated in the temples. To get rid of pain, you should drink a glass of water and take a horizontal position. If does not help – then in the course are painkillers, prescribed by a physician.

7. Tension mental and physical. When a person for a long period of time strains the muscles or something really important, thinks there is a headache covering the whole head. To stop the pain, people need to relax, take a bath, swim in the sea or pool, get some fresh air on the walk or to go to bed.

If you could understand why a headache, and drink it necessary in this particular case, tablet, but the headache has not ceased to concern you, then call for an ambulance, the doctors will certainly determine what was the cause of your deteriorating health.

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