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Named seven main causes of pain in the legs

Названы семь основных причин боли в ногахThe doctors explained why it can hurt your feet.

A healthy person can feel soreness in the legs after strenuous exercise, but not in a calm state and not in “sedentary” lifestyle. If you have become every day, sore feet, and the clear reasons there may develop the following diseases:

Thrombophlebitis. This disease is manifested sharp throbbing pain or a burning sensation in the calf, leg in the place where the formed clot considerably, the redness and swelling. Thrombophlebitis is easy to diagnose if the pain in his leg was joined by a high body temperature.

Varicose veins. Feet at this illness become overweight, and by the end of the day nagging pain overcomes and move cheloveu will be extremely difficult. The reason – the stagnation of venous blood, so you need to take care of good circulation and clean blood vessels.

Flat feet. In congenital or acquired ploskostopie legs like “lead” and get tired very quickly.

Diabetes. In this disease, his legs numb, tingling, heaviness is felt, sometimes catch cramps, but most often at night when people are sleeping.The hallmark of this causes pain in the legs is peeling of the skin on the shins.

Arthritis. This is one of the “women’s” diseases of the feet, at least, ladies often complain of persistent pain in the legs, as well as unpleasant and unbearable sensations during movement.

Osteoporosis. At this illness legs hurt in calf area. The reason is calcium deficiency and thinning of bone tissue. Other more osteoporosis-prone lovers of coffee, cigarettes, and people over forty years old.

It is advisable not to postpone the visit to the doctor, because each of these diseases requires treatment, and its absence can develop additional complications.

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