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Named resort of Ukraine with the lowest travel fee

The resort is located on the Arabat spit.

In the resort the seaside restaurant on the Arabat spit in Kherson region approved a new tourist tax rates for 2019.

As have informed in a press-service Schastlivtsevo Council, the deputies decided not to divide Ukrainians and visitors from other countries and determined the uniform rate of tursbor for domestic and inbound tourism.

Tourist tax rate in Schastlivtsevo will depend on the type of the place of temporary residence. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

So, for one person per day temporary accommodation for hotels, campsites, motels, hostels for travelers, hostels, rest houses, tourist bases, mountain shelters, camps of rest, sanatoriums, boarding houses and other institutions hotel type determined rate of travel at the level of 0.11 percent (to 4.6 UAH).

And for residential homes, extensions to dwelling house, flats, cottages, rooms, houses, country houses and any other premises used for temporary residence (nights), – 0,048% (2 UAH).

Rate of the tourist fee is set for each day of temporary accommodation of persons in places of residence (nights), in percentage of the minimum wage (which now stands at 4173 UAH), established by law on 1 January of the reporting (tax) year.

As earlier it was told by the Chairman of the village Council Schastlivtsevo Victor Pajusco, rates tursbor in Schastlivtsevo – the lowest in Ukraine.

“We divided the recreation area and the residential sector. For pensions, we have established the tourist tax in the amount of 0.11 percent of the minimum wage, and for the private sector – 0,048, which is only two hryvnia per day per person. We have the lowest rates among competitors. Foreigners, we decided not to highlight – they will pay the same as citizens of Ukraine. But the previous procedure for calculating tursbor, in my opinion, was much better, because now the owner of the hotel with a high price to pay in the same way as the owner of the housing economy class” – said Pajusco.

Recall that low rates of tursbor also adopted in Truskavets (0.2 per cent for domestic tourism); in Lviv (0.2 to 0.5% depending on the cost of the hotel rooms), Dnipro (of 0.35 to 1.5%, depending on the cost of the hotel rooms).

In 2018 in Schastlivtsevo collected 1.35 million UAH tursbor. According to Pajusco if this year will not reduce the tourist flow and the income from tursbor will not change significantly.

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