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Named regions with the most expensive bread casinoi

Названы регионы с самой дорогой хлебной крозинойThe experts calculated the prices for the “bread basket” in the different regions.

In September of 2018 is the most expensive “bread basket” recorded in Kyiv (UAH 85,4), and the cheapest – in the Mykolaiv region (UAH 58,1). The price difference is the “bread basket” between these regions is more than 27 USD, or 47%. This is with reference to official statistical data was announced by Director of Ukrainian Association of suppliers of retail chains Alexey Doroshenko.

In the “bread basket” includes:

1 kg of wheat bread from the flour;
1 kg of wheat bread from flour of first grade;
1 kg of rye bread;
0.5 kg loaf.

These types of bread are subject to state monitoring of prices, Doroshenko said on his page on Facebook. “A survey of the R&B Group showed that 27% of Ukrainians are buying only the cheap social bread because of lack of money,” – said Doroshenko.

According to official statistics the “bread basket” for the year rose by 35%, or UAH 8.6. The cost of a bread basket at the end of September 2018 was 33.2 UAH, while last year it cost 24,6 UAH. Social white bread grew in price by 30%, and black bread, which is 39%.

“An alternative study of the Association of retailers shows that over the last seven months of the current year bread from wheat flour rose by 12%, blue 15%, bread from wheat flour of the first grade – 18%, rye – 20%. In General, the “bread basket” from late February to October 2018, increased in price by 16%,” – said Doroshenko.

The TOP 5 regions with the most expensive bread:

Kiev – UAH 85,4,
Kyiv region – 70,7 UAH
Zhytomyr – UAH 67,7,
UAH Cherkasy 67,1,
Zakarpatska oblast – UAH 65.6 per.

The TOP 5 most “cheap” regions:

Mykolayiv region – UAH 58,1,
Odessa oblast – UAH 58,6,
Luhansk oblast – UAH 58,7,
Dnipropetrovsk – 58.9 per UAH,
Kharkiv region – UAH 59,3.

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