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Named profession, who will not be able to run the robots

Названы профессии, которые не смогут выполнять роботыRobotics faces not for everyone.

Mass unemployment caused by the massive introduction of robots and AI, fear as ordinary workers, and well-known scientists. But there are experts who can yet don’t worry – many such professions don’t even require higher education.

In 2017, McKinsey Global Institute conducted a study examining the prospects of the 800 different occupations in 46 countries. It turned out that by 2030, 800 million people may lose their jobs due to automation. This is 20% of the workforce in the world. Another third of professionals will have to relearn to maintain your level of income. In the U.S. alone, according to researchers from Oxford University, 47% of workers are at risk of losing their seats due to automation in the next 20 years.

However, robotics is threatened not for everyone. The website Fast Company asked three experts on artificial intelligence, robotics and productivity, what professions are most protected from automation.

Creative profession

Actors, artists, singers and musicians can quietly wait for the advent of AI. These people got nothing to do with automation. At least, so says Tom Pickersgill – founder and CEO, platform for job search Broadstone, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to guide a summary of the applicant in the most suitable companies.

In Hollywood, the AI has turned into a bona fide assistant that does not take away jobs, and makes the work more creative.

“To create a work of art, people use their life experience, emotions and creativity. But robots and AI using arrays of data for learning and improvement. I do not believe that algorithms it is possible to create a true masterpiece of cinema, to write a brilliant book or get a whole room to freeze in admiration, as do regularly artists in Opera,” says Pickersgill.

The service technicians

Problems in the production is inevitable, and any large company is faced with them regularly. This unpleasant feature will save a lot of jobs because a better person with these issues, no one will cope. The skill and ingenuity of experts is no substitute, the head of the platform for the production of software to increase productivity of human People First mark Williams.

“Of course, robots are much more productive working from the conveyor – their machines will displace. But analytical thinking, instantaneous assessment of the situation and experience that allows us to solve problems encountered on the production line – all the benefits of people. So a highly skilled service technicians will always be in demand,” said Williams.


Director, Central Research Laboratory Matt hunter, observing the work of technology companies in its co-working space, came to the conclusion that robots are capable of performing complex and precision tasks. But such a modest profession as a hairdresser, they have not mastered.

“There have been attempts to create robots for cutting hair, but it turned out that this skill requires special dexterity and skill. And automate virtually impossible. In addition, the machine does not know how to gossip,” explained hunter.

Psychotherapists and social workers

Now bots partially help people cope with depressive States. But to really cure mental illnesses can only people.

“We go to psychotherapists for emotional support and expect that they will lead us to overcome psychological problems. It needs to have empathy and understanding, and help is impossible without true participation and personal communication. Psychotherapists give advice based on their experience and intuition – the machines only have logic and algorithms”, says Pickersgill.


Humanity has never been so many opportunities for self-education. However, the teaching profession will not disappear in the future. Because the child’s education is not only the transfer of knowledge from textbooks. The teacher sees his strengths and weaknesses, helping to develop in the right direction and creates a healthy and emotionally stable person. This, according to Pickersgill, only people are able.

Health workers

Undoubtedly, robots and AI will bring human capabilities in the diagnosis, treatment and surgery to a new level. But to completely replace doctors and nurses, they will not. Ill people, like anyone else, need care, support and understanding. Only doctor is able to interact with them at this level, says Williams.

Nurses and nurses

Robots can flip burgers or manage financial flows. But it is unlikely that someone will prefer to leave them with toddlers or elderly parents. In the near future, it is in principle impossible: robots don’t have the dexterity that is needed to change a diaper or clean his teeth.

But even if technology will advance so much that it will become commonplace, people will still experience discomfort from lack of human participation. At least, so says Pickersgill. I’m sure many will not agree with this and would prefer to hire a robot before which it is not ashamed to show the ravages of age. And to leave the baby with an advanced robot hardly not safer than 15-year-olds. However, when it comes to the really cheerful and kind nurse or highly qualified governess, the choice between human and machine is obvious.

In addition, new high-paying profession, which previously could only dream of. For example, you can become a tutor for video games and very good money. Before trainers gamers were in demand in the narrow stratum of players who dreamed of becoming professionals. But now video games is no longer a niche hobby, and one of the main topics for discussion in any school from primary school.

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