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Named products with the highest content of iron

Названы продукты с наибольшим содержанием железа Iron is one of the elements required by the body.

The benefits of meat can talk endlessly. In addition to feelings of fullness, it gives the body with useful vitamins and minerals, including iron.

Most of iron contained in the pig liver. 100 grams of this product contains up to 150 percent of the daily value. In the second place the rabbit meat. In the same 100 grams contains 30 percent of the daily requirement, which is essential to man.

A little less of the iron contained in the beef, but it is absorbed almost completely. Also rabbit and veal are considered the most beneficial meat diet. It contains maximum amount of protein and minimal saturated fat.

In addition, a proper diet includes fish products. The “iron” fish are pike, mackerel, tuna and perch. But the other inhabitants of the seas and rivers are considerably inferior to the leaders. Such fish include mackerel, carp, perch, bream, Pollock, salmon, and capelin. The great advantage of these products – even during heat treatment and conservation of the trace elements retain their properties, so are not inferior to the freshly prepared dishes.

Vegetables contain nutrients, minerals and vitamins and also high in fiber, low in fat. In the first place by the iron content of the Jerusalem artichoke. On the second place podium asparagus and the garlic.

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