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Named products, which can replace coffee

Названы продукты, которые могут заменить кофеDoctor Victoria Savitskaya made recommendations on how not to give yourself to fall into a drowsy state during the working day.

Reduced performance and sleepiness – typical companions of the winter working days. This time of year, the body suffers from lack of light, vitamin D and hormones of good mood that can deprive the mood and tone at the wrong time. How to regain activity and to cheer up? Doctor Victoria Savitskaya told what to replace coffee.

Juices from citrus fruits. These juices have been great to Wake up without caffeine.

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“Natural orange juice filled with vitamin C, which fills the body with energy, and the smell of orange, lime and lemon stimulates brain activity,” said Savitskaya.

Water. One of the main causes of sleepiness is dehydration. During the day must-drink water – at least for a few SIPS. Put on your desktop a glass of water, somehow will him to drink, at the same time producing a useful habit.

Berries. Berries is a natural stimulant of brain activity is associated with a high content of substances-antioxidants. Especially good for gaining courage and fight the drowsiness, dark berries – blueberry, currant, cherry. They are quite capable to replace in this regard, the caffeine.

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Apples. Their use invigorates and gives strength like a Cup of coffee, although the apples do not have caffeine. The effect of increasing efficiency is in part due to the effect of fructose in part, with a crisp structure of Apple and the noise of their chewing. Awakening effect is peculiar to the aroma of apples.

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