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Named products that will save you from overeating

Названы продукты, которые спасут от перееданияNutritionists introduced seven products that will help you to avoid overeating

The Chinese believe that you need to eat until then, not yet sated by 70%. The main problem of all people that they can’t stay around 70, and a stomach stuffed to the eyeballs.

And yet the insidious 30% play a huge role for the human body. Sure that the people of China is to listen — not for nothing because they are so miniature! Moreover, nutritionists have already called seven foods that deceive the brain and bring a sense of fullness without overeating.

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…cappuccino instead of candy. It just seems that if you eating dinner sweetie, you’ll soothe your stomach. Sweets, on the contrary, cause more hunger. Why not snack on chocolate or sweets, you better drink a cappuccino. These drinks can reduce the appetite and trick the brain by sending a clever signal of saturation.

…hummus. This puree of chickpeas chickpea reduces the feeling of hunger. The hummus contains enough protein and fiber that fill the stomach well. And in order to feel more satiated, nutritionists recommend to combine it with green peas, carrots or celery.

…avocado. Studies show that people who during lunch, eat half of fresh avocado, a desire to eat there in the next few hours.

…popcorn. Popcorn allows you to quickly feel full, without adding many extra calories.

…bananas. The sugar in this healthy fruit will prevent the desire to eat sweets, chocolate bars and other harmful snacks. And because of its caloric content bananas allows the body to not feel hunger.

…bread with bran. This useful product is great reduces appetite. After its use the feeling of hunger quickly replaced by feeling of fullness.

…apples and oranges. They have a lot of fiber, water and protein. All this helps to satisfy hunger and reduce the tendency to overeat. The study shows that fiber need to chew throughout the day.

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