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Named products that hinder weight loss

Названы продукты, затрудняющие похудение These six products are not recommended to take while on a diet.

According to experts, there are “crafty” products that are not perceived as a possible cause of fullness. Losing weight is better to refuse them.

For example, say nutritionists, prevent to lose weight products, representing net carbs. Do not have candy (although they, too), those can be and wholemeal bread.

Just to chew this bread for Breakfast in the hope of becoming slimmer, useless, doctors say. He quickly digested and there will be hunger. It is better to eat bread, mixing them with some fat and protein. So the body will have to digest a lot longer and spend more energy taking it from fat.

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Also, the experts were criticized low-calorie foods ready production. In fact, these products contain a huge number of different sugar substitutes and preservatives. This food has nothing to do with natural, it does not spoil for years!

Now, the attention is the frozen vegetables. What’s the catch? Experts explain: in such vegetables add sodium to extend storage. Sodium contributes to fluid retention in the body and makes the figure more rounded in appearance.

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In addition, dieters do not need to drink juice. They have too much fructose and too little fiber, and regular consumption of juices only adds to the weight.

Inhibit the process weight loss bread and alcohol. They say that bread is high in fiber, but this is only true for a product baked from a special flour. Use store-bought bread is highly questionable.

As for alcohol, even a glass of wine a day “distracts” the liver, and the fat burning process is not so effective.

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