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Named products that have a lot of salt

Названы продукты, в которых много солиHealthy eating is a modern trend.

Became really fashionable to monitor the contents of their grocery basket and to find alternatives for harmful products.

One of the commandments of a healthy diet States that the intake of salt should be reduced in all possible ways. This is partly true. Sodium is necessary for our body for its normal operation, but an overabundance of this substance leads to unpleasant consequences and health problems.

Experts have compiled a list of six insidious and seemingly innocuous products in which actually contains large amounts of salt. Be careful!


The bread alone is baked only a few of us. And for good reason. Just prepare the bread yourself, you can be fully confident in its structure. In-store versions (even the most harmless and useful), unfortunately, contains too many harmful substances and salt. It is important to know and closely follow the information on the label, though it helps not always.

Sale bread machine that are available, and prepare the bread yourself.


Nuts are a valuable source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients. A handful of nuts a day can significantly strengthen the immune system and charge the body with vigor and energy. Despite the benefits of nuts are advised not to abuse them and there are no more handfuls a day. And do not lean on all your favorite peanut butter.

Peanut butter is really nutritious and healthy, but overestimate its properties are still not worth it. It contains a lot of salt, and to overdo it easy.


In modern supermarkets okolomatocnah range of products is impressive in its scope. Alas, not all of the products from the shelves in practice beneficial to the body. One of these artful products, which were on a shelf of seemingly healthy food, is cheese.

One pack contains 1000 milligrams of sodium. This, incidentally, is several times the daily requirement of salt. Search for more useful alternatives — for example, white yogurt.

Sports drinks

I really hope that the sports drink you’re completely indifferent. It’s not the food that should be present in the diet of a healthy person. There is no drink better and more useful than clean drinking water.

Love for sports drinks is that they contain electrolytes which will charge the body with vigor and energy. In fact, the composition of such drinks are the only dyes, preservatives and lots of sodium.


Store-bought sauces can not be attributed to the category of useful products. Sauces are usually quite simple to prepare so it is advised to cook them yourself at home. Then you will be sure that your sauce will not only decorate the taste of the dish, but also add to his benefit.

Imagine the situation: you buy in the store helpful vegetable salad, in which there is a gas station. At first glance it seems that everything is cool, but the gas station is a problem. Manufacturers do not need to you are unhappy, so the filling contains flavor enhancers, among which is sure to be salt.

Low fat foods

Low fat foods is the sole and absolute evil. Even marketers have realized that they no longer attract people and cause only concerns about composition, not the desire to buy them as soon as possible.

To degrease a product, the manufacturer needs to add instead of fat loading dose of other not particularly useful substances, which include, for example, sugars, preservatives, thickeners, and, of course, salt. Many times think before to include low fat foods in your diet. It is better to give preference not low fat foods, but eat them in moderation.

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