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Named products that are harmful to eat for colds and flu

Названы продукты, которые вредно есть при простуде и гриппеTreatment of influenza and acute respiratory infections: which foods hinder your recovery.

Treatment of influenza and acute respiratory diseases are almost always accompanied by taking the pills. But some products are incompatible with the use of certain drugs.

And we’re now talking not only about alcohol.

Treatment of influenza and acute respiratory disease in most people starts with the reception of the shock doses of vitamin C. Some people prefer to drink some pretty tasty tablets, others (the majority, that in itself is not bad) lean on citrus. Therefore, the demand for lemons, oranges, tangerines during the epidemic of influenza and acute respiratory infections is growing without advertising and marketing gimmicks.

However, you must remember that overdose of vitamin C is dangerous in itself. The disruption of the pancreas, a deficiency of vitamins of group B, the decrease in the number of leukocytes in the blood, disruptions in the menstrual cycle, increased blood pressure – here is a list of issues that overdose of vitamin C can occur quite quickly. And that’s not all.

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Overdose of vitamin C can lead to a prolonged effect of drugs on the human body. Not knowing about it and taking the next tablet in accordance with the instruction manual, you can get the effect of an overdose of a drug. If the effect of excess vitamin C has arisen on a background of reception of citrus, contained in them furanokumariny can “turn off” one of the components of the pills and increase the other. It is clear that an adequate treatment in this case can not speak.

Conclusion: take the tablets for the treatment of acute respiratory infections and influenza? Not take them with juice from citrus and generally very strictly follow the time intervals between taking pills and tablets of vitamin C. as well As the consumption of fresh citrus.

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What other products are banned during treatment of influenza and acute respiratory infections? Avoid this food:

rich broth, but only the broth of young rooster home, the researchers found in this substances that help to fight virusami;
all smoked products because modern technology has “smoked” — this is pure chemistry, delivering on our tables carcinogens;
aged cheeses (they have a lot of tyramine with a pronounced vasoconstrictor effect);
any refined products with an extensive list of E-NIS in the. All this greatly strengthens the body and prevents its self against viruses.

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