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Named products, strongly coloring the teeth

Названы продукты, сильно окрашивающие зубыMost of us have faced this problem.

Yellow teeth causes discomfort and makes you smile. But it can be avoided. For this you need to eliminate from your diet certain foods due to which teeth lose their natural color.

White wine

It is known that red wine in small doses is beneficial to health, but negatively affect the teeth. Effect of white wine was even worse. In 2009, American scientists came to the conclusion that this drink can cause discoloration of the teeth. This is due to the fact that it contains tannins (a group of phenolic compounds of plant origin) and acids that corrode the enamel.


The combination of the natural colors of the berries and the large amount of sugar in them can cause yellow teeth. The berries are glued to the tooth enamel, creating a specific film. This property have all the products from the berries, so no matter how you use them.


It contains large amounts of tannins. These substances may cause discoloration of the teeth. Interestingly, in coffee, their contents below. Thus, among the two drinks, this tea is more dangerous for teeth.

Soy sauce

One of the main causes of tooth discoloration are dark liquid. The head of the list of soy sauce. It contains the pigment that sticks to teeth and causes stains.


Despite its taste and rich aroma, this spice is a threat to your teeth. Curry contains a strong pigment that can stain your teeth yellow

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