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Named product for the prevention of diabetes

Назван продукт для профилактики диабетаFish protects against diabetes and liver diseases.

Fish rich in healthful natural compounds known as omega-3, such as salmon or tuna, it helps protect the body from chronic diseases. The specialists of the Ministry of agriculture /USDA/ and the University of California, for example, laboratory mice have investigated the interaction of two types of fatty acids from fish oil: DHA /docosahexaenoic acid/ EPA /eicosapentaenoic acid/ and other fatty acids CLA, found in some dietary supplements.

Eight-week trials showed that DHA reduces a harmful side effect acid CLA: a substance called insulin resistance and the development of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Acid EPA offered only partial protection from these conditions.

With estimates ranging from 36 to 57 million Americans have insulin resistance. Without treatment this condition leads to diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease can lead to cirrhosis or liver cancer. Doctors suggest that regular consumption of fish due to the positive properties of DHA can help the body better use insulin and thus help delay the onset of diabetes and prevent liver disease.

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