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Named popular products, “killing” heart

Названы популярные продукты, "убивающие" сердцеFive of the most dangerous products for the heart and blood vessels.

Now cardiovascular diseases are very common.

The problem is serious, and to take care of your health needs in advance so that consequences were not dire.

In addition, you need to watch your diet to prevent and eat more vegetables and fresh herbs, certain products need to refuse yourself in advance. There are 5 most dangerous food for the heart and blood vessels, the use of which can seriously appear on your health.

Numerous studies of physicians was aimed at establishing the 5 most dangerous food for the heart and blood vessels. Of course, the question is very individual and requires consultation with a doctor. But at the moment the list of the top 5 most dangerous food for the heart and blood vessels is:

The first category is food, which include TRANS fats. First and foremost, it’s cakes, sweets, some fatty cheese.

Another dangerous category, store – bought meat products. Namely, sausages, pates, bacon, etc

Also, for the safety of the heart and vessels is not recommended the use of red and black caviar.

The following is the position of alcohol, namely champagne or other sparkling wines.

The final category is beer. Not recommended to use more than 0.5 liters to 0.33 liters men and women. Of course, daily use, even in acceptable doses, we can not go.

What better to add to your diet?

Denying yourself is dangerous to heart and vessels products, you need to give your body something beneficial. First of all – fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, low-fat foods that contain protein. Watch your diet, lead an active lifestyle, and no disease you don’t worry.

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