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Named popular products containing dangerous poisons

Названы популярные продукты, содержащие опасные яды Dangerous substances contained in this food in small concentrations.

Without knowing it, every day we together with the favorite foods eaten by the deadly poisons used by the most famous poisoners of all times and peoples.

To poison, you will need to know where to look, for example, cyanide or arsenic, and how to be with them, to not give up favorite treats and not to exclude from the menu of the usual dishes.

Now, remember, what foods contain poison:


Everyone has heard about the deadly danger posed by, for example, the toadstool or the fly agaric. But the fact that mushrooms are a separate species of organisms that have characteristics of both plants and animals. They are all United in the fact that can be deadly regardless of the name. However, even a single poisonous mushroom in the party normal can infect the entire volume. Incorrectly canned mushrooms, too, can be a real poison.


The almond is not a nut as many people think. This is one of the healthiest and most delicious types of seeds. In confectionery all over the world is one of the most popular ingredient. And the best almond – bitter. But the problem is that the more bitter the almond, the more it contains cyanide. Before use this product should be processed in a special way to remove the poison. Despite such precautions, some countries put the sale of the almonds out of the law, for example, New Zealand.


Cherries, along with apricots and peaches is the closest relative of the almond. And their nucleoli also contains cyanide. Its toxic compounds are also present in the leaves of these trees. If you crush the core of the cherry, you can get a small dose of prussic acid. One cherry to poison is impossible, but it is better not to gnaw its core.


Seeds of apples contain cyanide, so avoid eating fruit along with the core, because the more seeds will get into your body, the more it is likely to receive unwell.


The Central vegetable in almost all the menus of Europe and America, potatoes, and tomatoes, contain a strong poison in the stems and leaves. Even the tubers can be severely poisoned if left in the light. About the poison shows green potatoes, which arises from the strong concentration glycoalkaloid poison.

If poisoned by this vegetable, which happens very rarely, you may experience slight discomfort, and then into a coma.

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