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Named popular drink that can trigger hypertension

Назван популярный напиток, который может спровоцировать гипертонию5 signs that you drink too much coffee.

Every year the number of people who daily consume coffee only increases.

In moderate doses this refreshing drink brings a lot of benefits for our body, however, there are signs, talking about, you drink too much caffeine.

Heart problems

If after the next Cup of coffee you feel palpitations, a headache, which could signal an increase in blood pressure, you should significantly reduce the amount of this fragrant beverage or completely abandon it.


Coffee has a diuretic effect that can lead to dehydration and constant dry mouth. To get rid of this problem, drink more plain water and cut down on the number of cups of coffee to 1-2 a day.

Constant feeling of fatigue

Coffee helps to cheer up, but only if you drink it moderately. Drinking 4-5 Cup of coffee, in 20 minutes you will feel even more tired than before and your only wish is to close my eyes and sleep.

Digestive problems

Coffee increases the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, so doctors do not advise to drink it in the morning, before meals. Consuming this beverage on an empty stomach, you’re at risk for heartburn, gastritis and ulcer.

Bouts of irritability

Caffeine, if it is misused, provokes enhanced production of stress hormones (cortisol and adrenaline), which, in turn, causes severe anxiety, irritability, outbursts of anger and panic and sleep problems.

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