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Named plant that can replace diuretic

Названо растение, способное заменить мочегонноеHealth benefits of celery is not only a decrease in blood pressure.

It also contains at least eight anti-cancer compounds.


Celery as well as parsley and fennel, belongs to the family Umbelliferae. It can grow to a height of 16 inches. The white celery is grown shaded from direct sunlight, so it contains less chlorophyll, compared to its green counterpart.

Celery greens is often used to make a soup or a salad. Celery has a salty taste, so celery juice goes well with sweet fruit juices.

Nutritional value

Celery leaves are rich in vitamin A, whilst the stems are an excellent source of vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C as well as potassium, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sodium and large amounts of essential amino acids.

The natural organic sodium (salt) contained in celery is safe for consumption, in fact it is of great importance for the body. Even people who are salt-sensitive can safely obtain the sodium celery unlike table salt, which is harmful for people with high blood pressure.

While many foods lose nutrients during cooking, most of the nutrients of celery tolerate heat treatment.

Health benefits

Celery has always been associated with lowering blood pressure. Recent studies have shown that celery might also be effective in the fight against cancer.

Some of the medicinal properties of celery juice

Acidity. The minerals in this magical juice effectively neutralizes acidity.

Athletes. Celery juice is an excellent tonic, especially beneficial after a workout as it replenishes lost electrolytes and rehydrate the body.

Cancer. Celery is known to contains at least eight anti-cancer compounds. Among them there are those who are able to stop the growth of tumor cells. Phenolic acids block the action of prostaglandins that promote the growth of cancer cells. Coumarins neutralize free radicals that can damage cells.

Cholesterol. This humble pale juice effectively lowers bad cholesterol.

Colon cancer and stomach cancer. Phytochemical coumarins prevent cancer of the colon and stomach.

Constipation. The natural laxative effect of celery helps to relieve constipation. It also helps relax nerves that have been overloaded with artificial laxatives.
Cooling. During dry and hot weather drink a glass of celery juice two or three times a day, between meals. It wonderfully helps to normalize body temperature.

Potassium and sodium in celery juice helps to regulate the content of body fluids and stimulate urine production, making celery an important tool in ridding your body of excess fluid.

Inflammation. Polyacetylene contained in celery, has a beneficial effect in all types of inflammation, such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, asthma and bronchitis.

The function of the kidneys. Celery promotes healthy and normal kidney function, helping to eliminate toxins from the body. Celery also prevents the formation of kidney stones.

The decrease in blood pressure.
A few cups of celery juice every day for a week significantly helps lower blood pressure. The juice helps to relax the muscles around arteries, dilating the vessels and allowing blood to flow normally. To achieve maximum effect, you need to drink juice within one week, to pause for three weeks and start over.

Nervous system.
Organic alkaline minerals in celery juice have a calming effect on the nervous system, which makes this juice a perfect drink for insomniacs.

Weight loss.
Drink celery juice throughout the day. It helps to curb cravings for sweets and fatty foods.

Kidney stones. Diuretic effect of celery juice also helps to eliminate stones from kidney and gallbladder.


Choose green celery, it has more chlorophyll. Make sure that it is fresh, not lethargic. During the storage of celery in the fridge, keep it in an airtight container or wrap in a plastic bag.

Don’t leave it at room temperature during the day, as it usually quickly fades. If your wilted celery, sprinkle it with a little water and put it in the fridge for a few hours. This will bring freshness to it.


Celery produces its own “pesticide” to protect itself from fungi. The protective layer form psoralen that protect celery, but poorly perceived by some people.

If you notice skin problems after eating celery, it might mean that you have increased sensitivity to psoralens.
Some people with low blood pressure complain that celery makes their blood pressure even lower. Listen to your body when you eat celery.

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