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Named place on the planet that carries the greatest threat to human health

Названо место на планете, несущее наибольшую угрозу для здоровья человечестваAmerican research organization ecohealth is Alliance amounted to “a global map of threat”, which indicated the region, which is the main on the planet a potential breeding ground for viruses.

This paper studied mammals and the viruses that they carry, as well as interaction of these animals with man. It turned out that the most significant threat to humans in this sense are bats.

In order to predict where will be born the next epidemic, the authors examined all known viruses 586, 754 infection which affects mammals. This includes 188 zoonotic infections, i.e. those that can infect humans and other mammals.

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In his article they called 17 zoonotic infections which can infect species of bats, and 10, the bearers of which are potentially all, without exception, primates and rodents.

The researchers then mapped habitats of these species and the infections they can carry to identify the most dangerous areas.

It turned out that the threat from rodents is global, but the main focus still is in South America.

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According to the researchers, their work proves the need to minimize human contact with wildlife: should abandon the hunting and destruction of natural habitat of animals.

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