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Named one of the most useful vegetables for the liver

Назван один из самых полезных овощей для печениDoctors told, than useful artichoke.

Known more than 140 species of Artichoke (lat. Cynara), food value are about 40 of them, but the most commonly used two kinds – the Artichoke crop (or globe Artichokes, lat. Cynara scolymus) the Artichoke Spanish (or cardoons, lat. Cynara cardunculus ).

Clinically and experimentally proved a pronounced choleretic (increases bile production) and holekineticescoe (choleretic) effect, rapid elimination from the liver of toxic substances. So that the artichoke is used for liver diseases (including hepatitis, gallstone disease) and constipation. Artichoke is recommended for patients before and after operations on the liver and kidneys.

It was also proven that substances in artichokes help to reduce cholesterol, beneficial to the body in atherosclerosis and vascular disease, reduce blood sugar levels, showing a diuretic effect.

Artichoke has a pronounced antiallergic properties, so successfully applied in the treatment of various types of eczema, psoriasis, urticaria.

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