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Named one of the most useful vegetables for the heart

Назван один из самых полезных овощей для сердцаThis autumn vegetable protects against cancer, obesity and dementia.

Scientists told about the beneficial properties of beet and encouraged people to regularly use it to promote health.

On Earth there are many products that have a positive effect on the human body in moderation. Among them are the beets, which will protect against cancer, obesity and dementia, as well as increase the body’s resistance to various diseases. The vegetable contains a lot of vitamins, among them folic acid, have a positive effect on the brain. With regular introduction of beets in the diet can not be afraid of dementia. This vegetable will help with obesity, this will have to drink the juice of the plant. Beetroot protects the liver from toxicity and accelerates the metabolic processes in the body. This allows a person faster to drop weight.

Constant intake of beets strengthen the heart and save you from developing malignant tumors. The use of this root vegetable will decrease blood pressure, so doctors recommend it to hypertensive patients. Beetroot is a great antioxidant and can save a person from cancer.

There are contraindications to use of the plant. Eat beets when reduced blood pressure, osteoporosis, kidney stones, hyperacidity of the stomach and diabetes.

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