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Named one of the most beneficial fruits for the heart

Назван один из самых полезных фруктов для сердцаDoctors are told who must have persimmons.

The season begins persimmon. Its fruits have many properties that are useful for purification of the body: they have a lot of magnesium, contributing to more intense excretion from the human body of toxins. In addition, the persimmon is rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and other trace elements necessary for good and healthy functioning of all body systems.

Persimmon is recommended for digestive disorders. Its pulp contains twice the dietary fibre and beneficial trace elements than apples. According to experts, the consumption of persimmon is a good way to establish the bowels.

Persimmon is also useful when problems with the cardiovascular system. Part of the persimmon is composed of vitamins P and C, which strengthen blood vessels and help to stabilize the pressure. Persimmon, in particular, is especially necessary in the diet of people suffering from hypertension.

In addition, persimmon has a lot of antioxidants that promote the renewal of youthful skin, protects from wrinkles, and also increases the immunity in the body. One of those is vitamin a known for its ability to increase protection from cancer.

In addition, the persimmon is an effective tonic that helps to quickly deal with irritability, fatigue and increases efficiency.

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