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Named little-known facts about breast cancer

Названы малоизвестные факты о раке молочной железыScientists announced important information about breast cancer, know that not only women but also men.

Previously, it was assumed that breast cancer is a disease purely female. In fact, it turned out, that this is not true and men have even and less, but still chances to get sick in this kind of cancer. There are several facts, proved by physicians that few people know and this is the worst. The fact is that detection of cancerous tumors in the breast at an early stage promises man a speedy recovery, but in advanced forms, this ability to quickly recover and be rehabilitated there. In this regard, scientists insist that the public knows how much information about breast cancer.

These facts about breast cancer you must know:

1. Men are 100 times less likely to collide with such a diagnosis like breast cancer. But it is necessary to consider the factor that men are still at risk of getting cancer. So they, like women, should once a year to undergo a full body examination, especially if there are issues with hormones.

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2. Not all tumors need to be afraid of. The main thing — time to be examined by a mammologist, according to scientists. Most often, mammography detect tumors of a benign nature, which do not pose a threat to health, as malignant, but it’s time to diagnose and treat.

3. Mastectomy, ie removal of the breast affected by cancer cells does not always guarantee that the cancer will not progress in the future. Even a double mastectomy does not give the person a chance to be calm until the end of life, since Oncology is reactivated by switching on a different body.

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4. Alcohol increases the risk of developing cancerous tumors in the breast. Scientists from America are strongly advised not to abuse alcohol. Even a small dose of alcohol a day on a regular basis can cause the growth of cancer cells.

5. Sport as prevention of breast cancer. This statement was confirmed by American scientists repeatedly. They are confident that the more physically developed and active people are able to resist cancer than those who are weak and little moves.

Remember that when the first symptoms of breast cancer you should immediately go to the reception to mammologu, the only way you will provide yourself with a chance to survive and live for many more years.

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