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Named household items that can cause cancer

Названы домашние предметы, способные вызвать ракPay special attention to their furniture.

Every year the number of malignant diseases among Russians is constantly growing, and the more important to identify risk factors. Experts have called some home items that can cause cancer.

We all bought air fresheners, especially in the bathrooms. However, you must be aware that their aroma contains harmful components. That is why it will be useful to think about some other methods of ventilation, for example, the inclusion of the extract or about using Windows.

Pillowcases made of cotton, increase the likelihood of developing cancer, as cotton is the perfect breeding ground for pesticides and insecticides. To protect cotton from pests, farmers also used herbicides. The researchers found that these chemicals are associated with an increased risk of cancer because they contain an active ingredient called glyphosate. It is better to frequently change pillowcases and switch to some other materials.

Another dangerous component is the ordinary paint. Especially those types that contain volatile organic components. Conducted this year, the study showed that due to the impact of paint some artists, painters and other people, private use of paints, have an increased risk of tumors of the bladder, mouth, pancreas, and lungs, and leukemia.

Quite often the synthetic leather is made of a plastic polymer called polyvinyl chloride, which is harmful to our health. That is why the furniture made of synthetic leather better not to use. Dangerous furniture made from fibreboard medium density, which contain toxic chemicals.

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