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Named healthy foods for stronger joints

Названы полезные продукты для укрепления суставовExperts advise to strengthen the joints of apples and seafood.

Experts have told that the joints were healthy. They recommend to eliminate from the diet “amplifiers” of taste. Mayonnaise, ketchup, vinegar (except natural), according to experts, harm the youth and flexibility of joints. They recommend to eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and products that contain collagen.

Nutritionists have compiled the top 5 foods for maintaining healthy joints.

1. Fish and seaweed. They are rich in substances that are beneficial to our joints. It is useful to include in your diet jellied fish, jelly and broth cooked from bones and cartilage.

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2. Apples. They are used for the prevention of arthritis and spine.

3. Seafood. For cartilage are considered as a useful sulfur and selenium. Therefore, we should eat seaweed, garlic, cod, mussels and coconuts, because they are rich in selenium. Also selenium and sulfur rich gooseberries, plums, onions, apples, cabbage and eggs.

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4. Citrus. Vitamin C keeps the joints from destruction. The experts stressed that most of the vitamin C in rose hips. A little less of this vitamin in citrus fruits and black currants. Experts also advise to drink grapefruit juice to bring salt out of the joints.

5. Dairy products. It is known that calcium is a food source for the joints. So experts recommend to consume in the morning dairy products.

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