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Named habits, significantly slowing the weight loss

Названы привычки, существенно замедляющие похудение3 morning habits that make it difficult to lose weight.

Trying to lose weight and giving up some products, we forget about a few habits that prevent weight loss.

Therefore, in order to feel good and look beautiful, you need to opt-out of these 3 habits.

1. Skip charging

Morning exercise should become a morning ritual, it will Wake up faster and work more efficiently, and thus digest food faster.

2. There are sandwiches

This habit is capable of the maximum delay from the shape of dreams. Especially when there is fresh white bread. Instead of saturating the body with valuable substances, he receives a portion of empty calories that get stored on the hips and abdomen. Better to eat Breakfast cereals with fruits and berries.

3. Drinking packaged juice

In the Breakfast should consist of main dishes and juice. But the juice is to elect not packaged, and natural. All because store-bought juices contain sugar and other ingredients that harm health.

It is better to prepare the juice, but drink it on an empty stomach. If this is not possible, it is best to choose freshly squeezed juices in glass bottles.

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