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Named habits, leading to rapid aging

Названы привычки, ведущие к быстрому старениюSome common habits lead to premature aging of the body

The doctor thinks that the shortening of the life people lead, mainly, disturbances in nutrition and in the mode of work and rest.

In particular, said cardiologist-lipidology Svetlana Garkusha, makes us age rapidly habit to worry much about everything. The doctor said: it is important to be able to shift your thoughts and to not dwell on problems, to be able to leave in yesterday events from the past.

“Health and longevity are very important psychological state of a person. If he is constantly engaged in self-flagellation and soul-searching, again and again grinds past quarrels and insults, hard and long experiencing conflicts at work and with family and friends, his nervous system will quickly fail, and he will quickly turn into such an annoying old man,” said Svetlana Garkusha.

You must also allow yourself time to relax and get away from things. If in a person’s life are constantly present physical and psychological stress, the body is depleted, you experience depression and aggression. First of all, for yourself it is important to learn to distribute the load evenly and periodically change. Job change is also a holiday, said the doctor.

In addition, according to the expert, for the whole organism, the appearance of a person affected by improper diet. An abundance of sweets, flour and meat-eating leads to increased acidity in the body, causing metabolic diseases, said the physician.

She explained that to maintain youth in the body must maintain an alkaline environment, and this requires to lean on fresh vegetables and fruits rich in fiber, and dairy products.

In addition, it is helpful to eat foods rich in potassium and magnesium, thanks to their use of regulated acid-base balance of blood, water and salt balances, normalizes metabolism and improves immunity of the body against stress factors.

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