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Named habit that promotes rapid weight loss

Названа привычка, способствующая быстрому похудениюThe doctors explained why it is useful to drink water before meals.

Just a couple of glasses of water before eating will allow you to lose weight and lead figure in order in a short period of time, say U.S. researchers.

Scientists involved in the study, more than fifty people aged 55 to 75 years.

One group of participants consumed water before meals, the second without water. The results showed that the participants who consumed water before meals consumed 75-90 fewer calories than a control group. As a result, they were able to lose over seven kilos in 12 weeks of the experiment. At the same time, this kind of diet had any side effects, said experts.

According to researchers, this effect may occurs because of filling of the stomach of some substance. Because of what decreases the consumption of the food itself. However, experts reminded that all you need to know the measure, because you can cause water intoxication if it consumed in too large quantities, which is characteristic often people who want to lose weight quickly.

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