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Named good reasons to give up sugar

Названы веские причины, чтобы отказаться о сахараDoctors once again explained what would happen to man if he will stop eating sugar.

For anybody not a secret that sugar is one of the most harmful products of modernity, which literally causes a huge damage to the health.

Fortunately, each person has the opportunity to fix and improve their health, but it will have to give up sugar, or minimize the amount in the daily diet.

Do not drink tea/coffee with sugar and sweet is not white sand spoons – enough. To achieve a positive effect, we need to abandon the dishes and products, which include refined sugar.

Most people make the mistake when you substitute white sugar for brown, proving to ourselves that the second type is more useful. In fact, in Ukraine it is almost impossible to find real brown sugar. Even if you see on the supermarket shelf packing brown sugar for 100 UAH/kg, it does not mean that you’re not plain white sugar, dyed with food coloring in brown color.

Doctors believe that the diet should completely eliminate sugar and sweets, then people will notice the following changes:

1. Positive. Many do not know that excessive consumption of sugar leads to the development of depression, outbursts of anger and aggression. So abandoning sugar, you advance improve your mood.

2. Beautiful skin. Sweet tooth have a lot of problems related to skin. Such people often face strewn with acne or inflammatory process never ends. There are bags under the eyes are bluish or grayish shades. As soon as you remove from the diet sugar, the skin will become clean, smooth and radiant.

3. Good memory. Scientists have repeatedly proven that sugar consumption adversely affects the mental activity of a person and impairs his memory. That is, if the sugar you eat will stop, then you start to think better and become the owner of a good memory.

4. Youth. For most people will be opening the fact that those who do not eat sugar, look younger than your age for 5-10 years or more. Sweet tooth, by contrast, seem much older than their peers.

5. A healthy heart. Excess glucose in the blood negatively affects the condition of blood vessels and, consequently, of the heart, so sugar it is better to refuse and then no cardiovascular disease you will not get any.

6. Harmony. Nutritionists are tired of repeating the same thing – sugar is a carbohydrate, which causes the collection of excess body weight. Accordingly, if you need to lose weight, the first thing you should give up sugar.

7. A good night’s sleep. Want sleep all night and not suffer from insomnia? Avoid sugar and your wish will come true, at least, so say the scientists.

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