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Named good reasons to drink milk often

Названы веские причины пить молоко чащеEver since childhood, most parents train their children to milk.

However, in adult life is not so much fans of dairy products.

Milk contains many vitamins

Vitamins are organic substances usually found in plants and animals in low concentrations. Milk is also included in the list of vitamin-capacious products, among them the most famous are A1, B1, B2, C and D.

Usually heat-treated milk available today to citizens, almost equal in vitamin content. For example, a liter of UHT milk (processed short thermal exposure of more than 100 degrees for 4 seconds) provides the daily dose of vitamins A and B2, ½ of the daily requirement of vitamin B1 and 1/5 of the daily requirement of vitamin D for an adult.

The lack of such vitamins in the body usually leads to reduced resistance to infectious diseases, the cessation of growth in children, loss of appetite and increased fatigue.

Struggling with the problem of iodine deficiency

The world Health Organization (who) States that the daily requirement of iodine for adults is 150 µg for pregnant and lactating women — 200 to 250 mcg. But among the consequences of iodine deficiency and the current attitude to it, experts note a reduction in reproductive capacity in women, the cessation of development of the fetus in pregnant women, disorders of mental and physical development in children.

And all because milk contains iodine as a trace element in low concentration, but is well absorbed due to the connection with the casein and whey proteins. That is why preventive diet should include milk and milk products along with other iodine-containing products.

Contains many other useful elements

In addition to the above-described proteins and vitamins, milk also contains water, fat, lactose (milk sugar) and minerals. Thanks to its unique composition, milk may be the only product through which you can survive for a few months.

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